IoT Connected Devices Are a Phoenix IT Security Risk

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Do you know what devices are connected to your network?


The Internet of things (IoT) can be described simply as devices that have connectivity to the Internet, and thus to a computing network. In Arizona, more and more companies, as well as home-owners, are buying monitoring products that connect to the web. Often those products are connected to networks without the support of a vigilant Phoenix network administrator. These connections to Wi-Fi could unintentionally be putting networks at risk of malicious imposters.

Phoenix IT security for connected devices needs special consideration because many connected devices aren’t manufactured with security solutions onboard (or any security-minded foresight at all). They can be fickle instruments when trying to heavily secure a network that includes numerous IoT devices. Today, we’ll go over some of the threats IoT devices pose to your network, as well as offer you a solution for Phoenix technical support and network administration that can protect you from them. With proper network security management, you can mitigate the threats and still enjoy the benefits of an ever-growing number of IoT devices.


The Threats from IoT Devices Are Real


Many devices on the Internet of Things have security problems. You’d think that they wouldn’t be much of a problem since they often have limited functionality. For example, a connected thermostat has a limited number of options (on/off, temperature adjustment). In fact, whether it is a CCTV camera, a smart refrigerator, a connected toy–anything that comes with Internet connectivity–is a potential threat to your home or business’ network. There are a myriad of reasons for this. They include:

  • Insecure web interface – Every connected device has an integrated web interface that allows users to interact with the device. If not properly secured, these portals can allow unauthorized users to gain access to the device.
  • Insufficient authentication procedures – Connected devices may have ineffective control mechanisms built in that could, if leveraged by hackers, provide unauthorized parties more access than they should be allowed if it were properly secured.
  • Insufficient encryption – If the data that the IoT device gives off isn’t properly encrypted, it can be intercepted and compromised.
  • Insecure network services – Vulnerabilities of where the network connects to the device can offer unwanted entities a pathway to infiltrate the network or the device.
  • Lack of cloud or mobile security – Some devices come with cloud-based functionality, while others run off a mobile device. If these constructs aren’t properly secured, an IoT connection could present a pretty potent vulnerability.
  • Insecure software or firmware – Often IoT devices lack the ability to be updated. Unfortunately, threats don’t stop being developed and it can be a matter of time before a once secure device has a glaring vulnerability.
  • Lacking Physical Security – If a hacker can alter the physical makeup of an IoT device he/she can gain access to the device’s settings, creating an avenue for major security problems.


You Can Protect Your Network from IoT Security Threats with a Phoenix Network Administrator


We genuinely care about helping your business succeed, and we put our money where our mouth is to prove it.   MyTek is so certain that we can help make your business more effective and secure, that we offer the opportunity to try our services for 30 days at NO COST.  This includes consultation, onboarding, and servicing for 30 days at no cost.   Our business is built on our clients’ satisfaction, so we also don’t require contracts going forward.  We partner with you to make your Phoenix IT security better.  Interested?  E-mail or call us at mytekbutler [AT] mytek [DOT] net / 623-312-2444 to take advantage of our complimentary IT assessment and 30-day trial of outsourced IT services.


Every Device Connected to your Wi-Fi Network Carries Risk


For every threat, there is a remedy, but really the best thing you can do is to be conscientious about the device you are connecting to your network. Every connected device could be the device to cause major problems for you. The industry is split about how exactly to secure crucial computing networks from the threats the IoT presents. The generally accepted strategy to manage the IoT is one where the more things can be controlled from a central hub. While it does make management easier, this strategy doesn’t completely provide the kind of comprehensive risk-based solutions needed to mitigate any IoT-fueled corruption. By not first doing a full risk assessment, especially these days, there is a decent chance of catastrophe. After all, security is about dealing with real threats. An evaluation by a local company like MyTek, with Phoenix technical support, can analyze your network with all its connected devices, identify your risk level, and provide a plan to mitigate those risks on an on-going basis.


Many IoT Devices Are Not Secure


The main problems are that most IoT-connected devices don’t come with comprehensive security and they can be altered by a network-attached user pretty easily.  When imposters do modify device data or settings, tracking down the problem can take a lot of time as well as expertise. Every device that connects to the network, including employee-owned IoT devices, should be identifiable. This way, there is a legitimate chance, if something does happen, to assess where the problem started and how to go about mitigating the damage.  One way to protect your network is to assign IoT devices to a separate network; another way  is place devices behind some sort of firewall.  We can help you determine the best strategy for your business.  A Phoenix network administrator from MyTek can set up an enterprise-level IT infrastructure to protect you from getting hijacked or infiltrated because of IoT-related connected devices. Our professional network administrators know how to protect your data and secure your business, and at MyTek, Phoenix technical support is both affordable and reliable.

Rest assured, the Internet of Things is not going to get any smaller any time soon. In fact, it’s going to be a major consideration for people, businesses, and governments for a long time to come. If you are worried about how the Internet of Things technology is going to affect your organization, reach out to the technology professionals at MyTek for Phoenix technical support that you can trust. Not only will you be safer, but you’ll enjoy the benefits of larger business enterprises at an affordable price.

E-mail or call us at mytekbutler [AT] mytek [DOT] net / 623-312-2444 to take advantage of our complimentary IT assessment and 30-day trial of outsourced IT services. You will discover our Phoenix IT outsourcing services are proactive, solution focused and driven to ensure that technology is a competitive advantage for your Arizona business.


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