How Can You Best Determine Your Employee’s Computing Needs?

The computer is an essential tool for employee productivity in most businesses today. But you’ll need to make sure your team has the right tools for the projects they need to do. Today, we’re going to see what is the best choice for your employees. What are the best computers?

In tech services often include IT security, cloud computing, disaster recovery,  Microsoft solutions management, and vendor management, but did you know that MyTek can also help you select the right computer for employees? We’ll start with some basic questions that you can use to assess your employee’s needs so that they can be empowered to be productive for your company. 

Customize Configurations by Department

While our approach usually addresses your entire workforce, you may find it more effective to review the needs of each of the departments or employees. This is because different responsibilities can lead to different capabilities and different computer needs. MyTek can help you determine what are the best computers to fit the needs of your employees and your business as a whole. Here are some things we might need to know to help:

Step One: How Mobile Are They?

You first should take into account how mobile your employees are, so we can figure out what would be the best for them. If they are very mobile, desktop workstations aren’t going to work. A laptop may be a better choice and may be best if your employees usually work from home or travel. Though, if your team primarily works at their desk, you may be interested in a desktop workstation. You’ll want to evaluate which would be best based on how tied they are to one area.

Step Two: What Do They Need to Do With It?

This ties in closely with our last question but focuses more on what their job entails, like if they need to enter data or if they produce media. What programs will they need to get their job done? Once you know this answer, you’ll want to check the requirements and see what systems will work best with it. MyTek can also make recommendations based on everything you’ll need.

Step Three: What Will Work for Them?

You might also want to take into account the preferences of your employees. If they are more comfortable or understand a specific operating system more than others, it may save your business time and make work easier. You can also consider a Bring Your Own Device Policy in which they can use their own devices for work.

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