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Phoenix Small Business Online Security for Cloud Platforms

Phoenix Small Business Online Security for Cloud Platforms

Do you know how fast you could get your data back if it were lost?


Create Robust Recovery Strategies for Cloud Platforms with These Three Metrics.

As the cloud is being utilized by more Arizona organizations to meet their computing needs, more critical data is being hosted outside of local computer networks than ever before. In fact, all reputable Phoenix small business services for IT recommend cloud storage for backup and recovery strategies.

Phoenix small business online security plans should not overlook ubiquitous collaborative cloud platforms in their strategies. Comprehensive plans for backup and recovery should cover every platform where your data is stored. Integrated redundancy can protect the work stored on these platforms from loss, but if the data that you store in the cloud is the lifeblood of your business, you need a strategy to have control over the protection of that data. This strategy is called an Enterprise Cloud Redundancy Plan, and when properly implemented by a Phoenix IT service management company like MyTek Network Solutions, it could save your business.

Data Redundancy

One way that Arizona businesses are making their cloud resources more redundant is by placing their data on multiple cloud servers. Many of today’s top cloud vendors provide options for an organization to store its data. A Phoenix IT service management solution should include a plan for having more copies of backed up data stored in different places, so you can ensure that if anything were to happen to your data in one location, it would still be available.

Data Restoration Metrics

Phoenix small business services for cloud-computing should include a management system and enough viable infrastructure available to handle restored data.  Today, there are some pretty powerful cloud management software solutions from some reputable vendors including VMware, Microsoft, and BMC. These solutions provide around the clock monitoring which make it simpler to take a cloud-based resource out of commission if it were to go down. In fact, the point of this whole strategy is to protect your end users from downtime. Since many cloud providers experience limited downtime, the actual redundancy isn’t as much the issue for backed up files as is the restoration of the data if called upon. For this, you should have a Phoenix IT service management  company with a solid understanding of some data restoration metrics:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is measured in time. It is effectively how long can an organization's redundancy infrastructure go without an update. The higher the RPO, the more data an organization can stand to lose.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is also measured in time. It is the maximum amount of time the data recovery process will take. The higher the RTO, the longer a company can go without its data.
  • Recovery Level Objective (RLO) is measured in granularity. The higher a RLO, the more intricate the recovery process is.

In completely understanding these data recovery terms, you can create a Phoenix small business online security plan that ensures your data can be recovered within these restoration metrics.  For cloud-hosted environments with hosted collaborative resources, MyTek Network Solutions recommends creating Phoenix small business security plans that include measurable objectives which are supported by your service level agreements (SLA's). Good Phoenix IT service management incorporates a discussion of each SLA so that you not only understand your cloud hosting platform's responsibilities but also your responsibilities for optimal data backup and recovery management.

In all fairness,  the best backup and recovery system is the one that you never have to use.  However, your continuity strategy, for both local and hosted data, applications, and infrastructure, should be planned in a way where can be tested and will work effectively for your company if, for some reason, you do need it. Phoenix small business online security planning requires proactive conversations about your company's comfort level of RPO, RTO, and RLO, and if you haven't had these conversations, your company may be at risk of unacceptable losses in case of a breach.

Business IT Support - An Investment Phoenix Business Owners Can't Afford To Delay

At MyTek Network Solutions, we offer a full list of some of today’s most useful IT solutions that not only keep your business up and running efficiently but also work to protect your digital assets. You may want to consider, for example, our Hosted Security as a Service.

Reach out to us today to get a $500 value comprehensive backup and recovery assessment for free. For comprehensive Phoenix IT service management, call us at 630-312-2440.

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Business IT Support - An Investment Phoenix Busin...


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