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Identifying The Top Ransomware Methods In Order To Protect Yourself

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All businesses should be aware of the latest findings and news regarding ransomware and how it can be prevented since is it becoming a massive threat that can spread quickly. A recent report showed that the top ransomware methods that are being used by hackers. Let’s find out what your organization can do to keep ransomware off of your networks.

Coveware released this report, and it analyzed different ransomware attacks in the second quarter of 2021. In the report, they found that remote desktop protocol and phishing attacks her the most common methods being used by hackers. These methods were being used to gain access to systems in an effort to install ransomware onto their networks.

These networks are used the most often because they are high-reward and low cost, making them an easy way for hackers to get into networks. Phishing attacks can be used against many targets at the same time, and remote desktop protocol attacks can be used as a brute force method and use stolen or guessed passwords. These attacks can be protected against, but it only takes one successful attack to create huge issues for your business.

Coveware stated in the report that these were the top three threats that give other threats a foothold on your network:

  • Phishing: 42%
  • RDP Attacks: 42%
  • Software Vulnerabilities: 14%

Your business should never take risks when it comes to ransomware. No matter how small or insignificant these threats may seem, you should always be on top of your cybersecurity. You should always utilize methods to keep your tech safe, like keeping your apps updated, making sure your network is secure, using multi-factor authentication, and more. MyTek can help you make sure you are never taken down by ransomware, so give us a call today at 623-312-2444.

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