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Are Virtual Machines the Next Step for Your Business?

Legacy applications are still being utilized for some businesses, and have been for a long time for many different purposes with computing infrastructure. This might be because there is not a better option, so they continue to use software that is showing its age and are relying on it for a lot of different purposes. With the use of virtual machines, your business can use the applications it needs to without any risk.

What is a Virtual Machine?

Think of virtual machines as virtual environments that act the same as hardware-based machines do when using the software. They allow you to emulate computing systems, complete with virtual hardware that works to keep the machine running. A virtual machine can run in a single window on your computer’s operating system, usually within a web browser, and gives the user a choice of where and how they should run specific instances of an application. You can download new programs on your computer or onto your virtual machine.

The computer that is running the virtual machine will be referred to as the host, while the virtual machine is referred to as the guest. “Hardware” is stored on the computer’s hard drive and the virtual hardware will not be as powerful as the host, but that will be ok.

A virtual computer is basically a computer within another computer inside of it and lets the user have more flexibility and creativity than they could otherwise. 

What Can They Do?

There are so many different ways you could incorporate a virtual machine into your computer. They can be used to run legacy applications, but this is not the only way they can be used.

Sometimes they are used to test our new operating systems or software before committing to them. Sometimes they are also used to try out applications on different platforms. They can give your business a safe environment to test out new applications without actually introducing them into your operating system. 

Get Started Today!

If you want to start with a virtual machine but don’t know where to start, MyTek can help. We can help you implement and take advantage of using a virtual machine, so reach out today at 623-312-2444.

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