Remote Productivity Tools Are Helping Create the “New Normal”

Productivity is a hugely important thing for every business, and situations like COVID-19 create a ton of uncertainty and fear. This is especially true for businesses that need to find new ways to go about their daily business so that they can keep the revenue coming in and stay afloat. Today, we’d thought we would discuss how businesses have made it this far and different elements within the business world have had to react. And, we’ve even listed the remote productivity tools you should be implementing.

Business Owners

Businesses usually didn’t embrace remote work en masse, especially before the pandemic. Some may have, with positions that were outsourced, but it was not as common as it is right now. Business owners may have feared losing control over their staff if they were to work from home, but they had no choice to use remote methods this time around. It was also found to be hard to build a company identity with the users working remotely.

With offices moving to remote, there have been some issues found with working remote, including:

  • Lack of face-to-face collaboration
  • Individual dips in productivity
  • Lease on brick and mortar location
  • Depleting company culture

Businesses are now trying to establish plans for these common issues so that way they can get back to business. But workers seem to have different views.


Many employees have begun to enjoy their new life as remote workers and are wincing at the idea of coming back in person. There are so many benefits from working from home and most people can get just as much work done as they would in an office. We think the pandemic is going to cause huge rifts in the dynamics of employment in the future.

Many workers prefer working at home because they don’t have to travel and feel more relaxed at home. And with the myriad of work from home opportunities arising, businesses are afraid to enforce their employees to come back, because they might lose them. This has led some businesses to a hybrid strategy where workers only have to come into the office occasionally. 

The Technology

It doesn’t really matter where you are doing the business, as long as you are able to sell your products and make money. There are some technology tools that you will want to use for this to continue:

  • Collaboration tools like cloud-hosted productivity, project management
  • Communication tools like telephone, email, video conferencing
  • Document management 
  • Customer Relationship Management like customer support, ticketing, client communications
  • Business management software like time management, task management)]
  • Training applications like security, software, process training
  • Human Resource Management like applicant tracking, onboarding/offboarding
  • Cybersecurity tools like network monitoring, firewalls, spam filtering

Remote desktop or Virtual Private Network

This is a shortlist of the remote productivity tools that you will need to keep your business running. MyTek can help make sure your business has everything it needs to succeed, so give us a call today at 623-312-2444.

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