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Phoenix IT Services Solutions for Modern Workspaces

In this digital age, an average person spends more time on a computer screen than ever. That’s why, a massive increase in productivity can be seen if the user starts using highly personalized setup of their workspace. Our services are aimed at helping you to arrange and view the setup without any fuss, leading to increased productivity and minimal disruptions. This service is part of the solutions that MyTek offers to its businesses.

One of the most valuable services that MyTek offers is Business Software Education

A vital consideration for any business is to save time and to stay organized. One of the IT solutions that MyTek offers to business clients is that it provides the necessary background and the expertise required for one to utilize the software in a most efficient manner. Given the advent of multi-monitor setups in our workplace, it has led to increased productivity of the users. Such a setup helps in keeping different applications organized. In the Microsoft Windows operating system, the command Windows + Shift + Left/Right allows the user to shift application windows to different desktops and monitors. The command keys Windows + Left/Right allows the user to quickly dock the application windows either towards the left or right side of the current desktop window.

Screen Zoom In/Out

Zooming in and out to get a better idea of the working environment can provide a richer experience and clarity. You can do this by pressing Ctrl + (+/-). To return the window to its default setting, press Ctrl + 0.

Additional Quick Phoenix IT Solutions for Windows Settings & Applications

A quick way to open up the settings pane is to use Windows + I and customize the options that you fancy.

Switching Applications

The secret behind an efficient workplace is the ability to quickly switch between various applications. This can be easily done in Windows using the Alt + Tab commands. This brings up a window where the desired application can be chosen quickly. Just using Alt + Tab will show you the recently used applications. Windows automatically sort the list based on the most recent applications you have used.

Becoming a true Windows power user is quite easy; it just requires a little practice.

Our IT services solutions will help your business harness the power of technology to maximize growth. Interested?  E-mail or call us at  / 623-312-2444 to take advantage of our complimentary IT assessment and a 30-day trial of Phoenix IT services solutions that will amaze you!

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Our goal is to reinvent the managed IT experience for growing Arizona businesses through a partnership with no long-term commitments, technology options that are flexible to meet your needs and infrastructure and strategy that position your technology as a competitive advantage.

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