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Security For Law Firms: MyTek Goes Over The Basics

When it comes to tradition, security and new technology can easily be overlooked, even if it is crucial, or at least really important. One industry that is deeply immersed in tradition is the modern law firm, even though this is an industry that relies heavily on data, technology and security. Today we’re going to be diving into security for law firms and how security and cybersecurity tools may be more important than those within the industry may even realize.

What a Law Firm Needs in Terms of Security

Before we get into anything too specific, a law firm needs the same type of cybersecurity that other modern businesses need. Beyond this, the standard set of security will not be enough for a law firm, since law firms have loads of sensitive data and they deal in trust and confidentiality.

While you should always adhere to the standard safety practices, when working on the security methods within a specific field, it is important to target real issues that may target your place of work. Law firms store important data that could be potentially useful for an insider trading scheme, and if it was taken for this purpose, a law firm would be in big trouble. Ransomware is also an issue that could easily attack law firms, in hopes to obtain this data. These attacks aren’t always obvious and stressed members of your team might easily overlook signs of an attack.

To make sure your security is comprehensive, there are a few steps that will help:

Keep Permissions in Check

Not every single person on the team will need acces to all of the data. Keeping permissions tight will make it easier for your team, so they only have access to what they need. No accidents can happen if they can’t reach your most private data. Keeping these permissions up to date will keep security tight, and they can be changed as necessary.

Maintain Compliance

Every industry has its own set of rules and laws when it comes to data security. It is very important to understand what these laws are and what they mean for how you operate. If you don’t understand, at least hire someone who does understand.

Enforce Authentication Standards

Authentication is a very crucial step, so no one who is not on your team is able to get into your data. While password do their job sometimes, another layer of security will help protect your business. Multi-factor authentication is an effective way to make sure the person who is getting in, is the right person.

Keep an Access Record

Every law firm should have a way to detect all the ways your data is being accessed, moved or changed. This technology can help you identify where things went wrong, or help identify any unusual behavior on your network.

We Can Help Any Business Put These Needs First

If you need help with learning about security for law firms, give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2444 to learn more about the laws and rules, and the technology that is best fit to help Phoenix law firms.

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