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Had Enough of Your Broken Business Technology? Get Disaster Recovery

How to deal with a business process downtime?

You must have encountered the following scenario: you’re going along with your day and just when you try to launch an application it gives out an error message on the screen. You dismiss the window, believing it was a one-time prompt, but it reappears. “Why does this happen every time?” you wonder. Do you have a strategy in place? If you don’t, IT support is just the thing you need. Downtime leads to a drop in productivity, sales, and money without the ability to enable disaster recovery.

Don’t be alarmed; it happens all the time.

The fact is that no matter how excellent of an investment your company’s technology is, it isn’t enough without a disaster recovery mechanism.

Business Technology Revealed for Disaster Recovery

If your company is like others, you utilize a variety of technological tools to get things right. This technology, on the other hand, has a habit of breaking down on a regular basis if you don’t have a plan in place to proactively monitor and repair it. The following are some of the most common IT issues that businesses face:

  • Company software issues: Software may be a source of annoyance for both users and IT teams. The majority of publicly released software contains flaws, which is to be expected. The issue is that customers want all software, regardless of who created it, to operate flawlessly every time they use it. Most software titles will have some sort of erroneous mistake, thus this assumption is ambitious at best. The issue arises when the software fault has a negative impact on one of your employees’ productivity and causes you to incur more maintenance charges. On top of that, many software issues (as well as computer speed concerns) are caused by the presence of malware.
  • Business hardware problems: Occasionally hardware problems trigger software problems, and most of the time, if a piece of hardware fails, whether it’s a workstation, a monitor, a router, a switch, or even a server, it’ll almost certainly result in some type of downtime, as well as repair or replacement costs.
  • Peripheral issues: Hardware that isn’t critical to the organization’s computing effectiveness is considered peripheral. This comprises hardware that can be readily replaced, such as a keyboard and mouse, as well as gear that performs a specialized unique purpose, such as a scanner, printer, or copier. Fixing the faulty peripheral might cost you next to nothing or an arm and a leg, depending on what it is.

Whatever element of your business’s technological infrastructure breaks, replacing it will almost certainly become a top concern. You may have a significant problem if several of the most expensive elements of your IT infrastructure start to break all at once, or if you have to cope with a companywide disaster.

Things to consider while laying down a Business Continuity Plan

Thankfully, before you freak out over the prospect of losing all you’ve worked so hard for, there is a solution that will save you money while also relieving the worry of failing technology: IT assistance for businesses.

MyTek’s IT support professionals can offer you complete monitoring that keeps an eye on all of your technology to verify that it is functioning properly. If a computer or other device on your IT infrastructure fails, our sophisticated monitoring software will alert one of our experienced technicians, who can then replace the failing hardware, software, or peripheral before it breaks the workflow. This helps your company to drastically decrease downtime and the additional costs.

Another advantage of working with MyTek is that we place a high priority on protecting your data from system failure. Our robust backup and disaster recovery platform (BDR) employs industry best practices to safeguard your digital assets by regularly backing up your data both on-premises and in the cloud. Our BDR solution offers robust data redundancy and peace of mind by assuring that your data is protected in the event of a disaster.

Get a detailed Evaluation from IT Services

Data backup and disaster recovery are essential features of business IT solutions that keep your organization secure and running at all times. MyTek, a renowned technology firm in, can assist you. Visit our website to learn more. We’d be delighted to give a free on-site business IT assessment — a $500 value with no strings attached.

Please contact us by phone at 623-312-2440 or by email.

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