Business Technology Can Prevent 3 Backup Nightmares

The truth is that not safeguarding data in any business is far more costly than anything else. Backing up your data is indeed very crucial to run your business technology strategy smoothly. Our offering includes end-to-end support that includes data backup and disaster recovery. We determine the loopholes in the data management of your business. Here you will learn why investing in our leading business technology services that will keep you up and running without any issue.

Situation #1: A Power Surge Strikes a Server

Here, we can imagine a situation that does have a chance to occur. Storms rarely happen, but they’re also accompanied by wind, thunder, and lightning. This situation may quickly lead to a power cut or surge in power, frying out your server racks and causing unplanned downtime. This will severely affect your productivity and business, also making the lost data difficult to recover.

A quality data backup and recovery platform will provide your business the ability to eliminate issues such as this one. 

On top of that, an additional backup server provided with our services can be used as a last resort to ensure that your business is up and running even in the worst situation. The traffic can be transferred back to your original server once your system is restored.

Situation #2: A Team Member Goofs on an Email and Vital Business Functions Shut Down

With tons of emails coming in from various sources, it’s not difficult to fall prey to unwarranted attacks. For example, a team member could download a compromised attachment or click on an infected link, hampering your ability to function. It can also affect your files and compromise your entire system network. 

Ransomware is one of the most devastating threats to your business’s future. Some of these attacks have been known to block your access to certain important files and demand a huge ransom. The thought of any ransom attacks wreaking havoc should be enough for one to be prepared and get these services. Sophisticated attacks require even more sophisticated Phoenix business technology to prevent the shut down of vital business functions.

A backup and disaster recovery platform from a leading technology company will give your business a lifeline during emergencies. A data backup is one of the only ways to avoid paying a hacker to release your data. Therefore it is much better to get your data secured in time.

Situation #3: Time Will Always Catch Up 

When businesses don’t face technological issues for a long time, complacency can set in fairly quickly. Complacency is what leads to sudden attacks. A hardware upgrade can go a long way to help your IT withstand the test of time, and it can help your organization eliminate costs associated with downtime and performance.

BDR, one of the business technology solutions, can make migrating your data to new hardware easier and more efficient. It even offers you a safety net in the event the migration process doesn’t go as planned. Plus, your data might not be accessible by your employees during the migration process, so having a backup in the cloud will allow for productivity to continue unhindered. 

Evaluation Offer From Phoenix Business Technology

Phoenix business technology solutions that keep your business safe and operational, and data backup and disaster recovery is essential. As a leading Phoenix technology company, MyTek can help you. To learn more, visit our website HERE. We would be happy to provide a complimentary on-site Phoenix business technology evaluation – a $500 value with no strings attached. 

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