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Tip of the Week: Have a Backup Plan

While data backup is associated with the possibility that your firm might face an emergency at any time, there are several additional reasons to consider. You could discover that they are just as vital to your company as preventing a catastrophic data loss disaster. Which is why you should always have a backup plan.

Why you should have a backup plan

While backing up your data is very important in the case of a tragedy, everyday disruptions and blunders can also impede your company from reaching its full potential. Errors and mistakes made by users can be quite expensive. Coffee, for example, is everywhere in the morning to aid productivity. It’s a very real possibility that it’ll spill over keyboards or other components at some time. Some users may erroneously utilize a keyboard shortcut, erasing all of your hard work. You may even have a criminal on your hands who is stealing equipment that will never be found. In any event, this is data that is no longer available, making you use the backup.

You need to design your backup plan

Not all data backup solutions are created equal, and not all of them will be the best choice for your company. It’s critical to do this correctly the first time so that it doesn’t have a negative impact on your company’s budget. A single data backup, for example, could make sense from a certain perspective. While it may seem logical to handle both your original data and your backup copy for convenience, this isn’t how the scenario will unfold.

Having just one data backup isn’t enough to keep your data safe, especially if it’s all in one location. A good data backup system will maintain several copies of your data in different places. The major reason for this is to ensure that an isolated calamity, such as a coordinated attack or a flood, does not jeopardize your capacity to recover.

What’s the solution?

Having several copies of your data will enhance the likelihood of your data surviving a calamity. You should also ensure that none of your backups are stored in the same location as your original data. It may seem that having an on-site copy of your data backup is a good idea–and it is–but for disaster recovery, the cloud is a better alternative since it provides a flexible option.

MyTek can assist your company in staying afloat even in the most difficult circumstances. Contact us at 623-312-2440 to learn more about our data backup and disaster recovery solution.

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