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Tip of the Week: Evernote as a Productivity Tool

Cell phones can be handy little tools in your pockets, like when you need to jot down a note but don’t have any paper on you. There are many apps made for you to be able to take the best notes possible. One of these, called Evernote, is one of our favorites because of the way it can be used in a business setting. Today, we’re going to look at all of the Evernote features that are offered so that you can use them in your work life.

Evernote, Explained

This app is a cloud-based filing system that lets users organize and create assortments of files and save them as notes, while keeping them in what the app calls “notebooks.” It has a variety of capabilities that makes it easy to use in a business atmosphere, like integration with other business apps, collaboration capabilities and support on computers and mobile devices, and easy to use prerendered templates.

There are a few different tiers in which you can use Evernote, like a paid premium version, the free version, and a paid business version. The business version comes with some unique and useful business-oriented tools we would like to discuss. But, let’s first discuss the free version, which has plenty to offer business settings as well.

Speaking the Language

Let’s go over the terminology that Evernote uses so that we can better understand the different options available.

  • Notes – This is any type of document, of any type of format, whether it is a typed-up text, content clipped from a webpage on the internet, or visual content like images.
  • Notebooks – This is how you can store and organize all of your notes, by category.
  • Tags – These are keywords that can be used as search words, so you can find specific projects easily. Keywords allow these notes to be grouped together as a collection, even if they live within different notebooks.

Openly Available Features

While the free version is not directly designed for business settings, it has some amazing features that work well for businesses that can easily come in handy for your team.

  • Shareability – Evernote content can easily be shared with others, even if they don’t use the Evernote app. This would need to be used with extreme responsibility so that high security is upheld, but it can make collaboration way easier. 
  • Assistant Compatibility – If you use your Google Assistant, Siri, or Alexa to complete tasks, this app is compatible with these systems, and notes can be navigated and edited with a voice command.
  • Scrapbook-Style Note-Taking – There is a browser extension for Evernote that lets you add content from all over the internet so you can have a digital scrapbook.
  • Self-Management – With to-do lists and reminders, Evernote offers capabilities that can help assist with your organization so you never miss a deadline again.

If you have any issues about Evernote features or any IT-related application or solution, read our weekly blogs or give MyTek a call today at 623-312-2440.

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