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Phoenix Small Business Online Security for Cloud Platforms

As Arizona businesses are needing the cloud more and more, critical data from these businesses have been stored and outside of local computer networks, at a rate unlike ever before. Cloud storage is recommended for backup and recovery strategies for all reputable Phoenix businesses. Let’s talk about online security for cloud platforms.

Collaborative and ubiquitous cloud platforms should not be overlooked when it comes to the online security plans of Phoenix small businesses. For every platform that your data is stored, there should be a comprehensive plan for backup and recovery. You need to be able to control the protection of your data, especially if your most vital data is being stored on the cloud, which can be done with an integrated redundancy plan. MyTek’s Enterprise Cloud Redundancy Plan can be the plan that saves your business.

Data Redundancy

One major way to make your resources more redundant is by housing your data on multiple cloud servers, instead of a single one. Many cloud vendors provide options like this for your Arizona business to store your data. A trusty management solution should have backup plans that are in different locations so that if something happens to your data in one location, you can still have it in another one.

Data Restoration Metrics

Your business’ cloud computing should include a management system that is powerful enough with enough infrastructure available to handle your restored data if needed. There are many powerful options from reputable vendors like Microsoft, VMware, and BMC that can do just that. Many of these solutions also offer around-the-clock monitoring which makes it a lot more simple to take your resources out of commission if your cloud-based service goes down. The entire point of this service is to avoid downtime, and cloud providers are fast at getting your data restoration done in a timely manner. A phoenix IT management company can help you with these data restoration metrics:

  • Recovery Point Objective (RPO) is usually measured in time. It is how long an organizations’ redundancy infrastructure can go without an update and stay effective. The higher the RPO is, the more data an organization can lose if it had to.
  • Recovery Time Objective (RTO) is measured in time as well, and is the max amount of time that a data recovery process will take. The higher the RTO is, the longer a company can go without its data. 
  • Recovery Level Objective (RLO) is measured in granularity instead of time. The higher the RLO is, the more intricate and detailed the recovery process is.

After you under the data recovery terms we just went over, you can create a Phoenix small business security plan to make sure your data can be restored within your metrics. MyTek recommends creating a security plan that includes measurable management incorporations so that you have the best backup and recovery system in play.

To be fair, the best system is the one that you never even have to use, but you should always be prepared for your system to be tested. With conversations about your RPO, RTO, and RLO, we can come up with a perfect plan together.

Business IT Support – An Investment Phoenix Business Owners Can’t Afford To Delay

MyTek offers a full list of some of the best and most useful IT solutions that will keep your business up and running and your data safe. With our Hosted Security as a Service, you will never have to worry about your security alone. Reach out today to learn about how you can get a $500 value comprehensive backup and recovery assessment for free. Gives us a call today at  623-312-2440 to learn more.

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