Avoid Getting Scammed with Gift Cards

Gift cards are a great solution during the holidays. However, just like any other gifts, these cards are also prone to the risk of scams. Let’s go into how to avoid getting scammed with gift cards.

Why are gift cards preferred?

You choose and buy gifts carefully for your friends and family because you know their tastes and preferences. In all likelihood, you spend a good amount of your time with the team members you work with at your workplace. When it comes to gifting something to them, you might not know what they like. Instead of gifting something they’re not fond of, gift cards give you the option to let them choose whatever they want. Hence, gift cards have gained popularity, especially for gifting them to your colleagues. But, this opens up new opportunities for scammers to start their activities. 

Scam in action

The scammers send emails posing as executives or people from high authorities. They might give some instruction in the emails or letters asking to purchase and pass on the gift card codes. If you do that without confirming with your teams, the scammers can get hold of confidential information very easily.

Scammers use spoofed emails and the process of social engineering to send these emails. The emails look very much believable and are designed to trick people. The moment you click on the web links or respond to them, company funds and crucial information will be sent to scammers. That’s why you must deal with these with extreme caution.

Ways to avoid these scams

Any scam can be avoided if you are aware of the consequences of your actions. Having awareness about these scams is the key to avoiding them. All the employees in business organizations must be given proper training on information security and scams. Every employee must be instructed not to act on such emails unless they get confirmation from the company through secondary channels of communication. If this is not done, the company and its vital information are left in a risky and vulnerable position. 

Scammers might find new ways to extort money and information from businesses. Hence, the safety measures also have to be updated regularly. A general security guideline must be used across the board regarding this.

Every employee must be empowered to safeguard the assets of a company. Even after all these, if you need help, MyTek can protect you. Contact us at 623-312-2440 today.

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