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Tip of the Week: Easy Android Use Tricks

Android devices are well-known for being devices with a lot of customizable tools. Though, this isn’t always user-friendly. But, if your device is configured properly, there are some awesome shortcuts that will help your device function better. Here are four easy Android shortcuts:

Easy Camera

On a phone, the camera is one tool that is usually used the most often. Though, while you’re walking around in your day-to-day life, it is important to be able to have your camera handy and ready to go so you can snap quick photos. Depending on the phone you have, you can usually get to the camera by clicking a few buttons, like double pressing the volume-down button, or the power button.

Easy Access to the Google Assistant

Without even saying “Okay, Google” you can easily get to the Google Assistant. Most of the new Android phones use the home button as a shortcut, by holding it down.

Easy Menus

Many apps make it easier to click options, by use of the three-dot menu. Instead of clicking several things, hold the three dot menu and slide your finger down to pick the option you want. This is a lot quicker since it is a fluid motion, instead of picking up and putting down your finger.

Easy Hang-up

While your phone can be used for so much more, let’s not forget its main purpose (calling). While there is an on-screen button to end the call you are on, there are more convenient ways to hang up instead of pulling the phone away and waking the screen. In your settings, you can access the Accessibility settings and make it so that the Power button can end your calls. This will be easy because you can simply press the power button to hang up quickly.

These are only a few of the easy Android shortcuts we know about, but I’m sure we will write about more soon. Come back to MyTek’s blog every week to learn more about technology.

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