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Looking For The Best Video Conferencing Tool? Here’s What To Look For

In the digital world, hopping into a video conference has become a normal occurrence. Because of this demand, there are many conferencing solutions for your to pick from. Today, we’re going to show you how to find the best video conferencing tool for your team’s specific needs.

What To Look For:

Chat and VoIP Functions

Conferencing has to have other communication tools so that your team can multitask and stay on top of projects. Because of this, we recommend you find a tool that has messaging capabilities, and VoIP capabilities all in one place. You don’t want your conference to limit your team.

HD Video Recording

If you are having a conference chances are, you might want to keep it for later. You should make sure that the tool you are choosing has the capability to record your video, in HD so that your team can watch it back later, when or if they need to. Beyond this, you’ll want to make sure the tool you are using supports HD video in general, so you can clearly see and interact with your team.

Screen Sharing

One of the most effective tools in the video conferencing world is screen sharing. Screen sharing allows anyone on your team to share what is on their computer screen with the rest of the group. This is great for training sessions, announcements, presentations and much more. Make sure whatever tool you are selecting has this capability, because it will definitely come in handy later.

MyTek Can Help

Looking for the best video conferencing tool for your team? We know them all. Give MyTek a call today to see which tool you should select and how you can incorporate it into your technology plan by giving us a call at 623-312-2440.

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