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Why You Need to Invest in Your Remote Collaboration Capabilities

Remote work. You’ve heard about it, and you’ve probably lived it. Businesses are actually realizing that remote work, in any capacity might be the new normal. Today, we’re going to talk about remote collaboration tools that your team can use to optimize the communication experience, even if your team isn’t together in a traditional work setting.

Technology & Remote Collaboration

Nowadays, all businesses are using technology in their business in some ways. Even if it’s just in their operations, technology is everywhere. Something a bit newer that we recommend to all businesses is the use of collaboration tools which can make communication seamless and easier. Gone are the days of only using email. We can now use video calling tools, messaging tools like Slack, calendar tools like Asana, group communication tools like Microsoft Teams, and so much more to get the job done. 

Getting Results

In order for your teams to work successfully, here are some things we highly recommend:

Provide equipment: Your remote workers will need tools in order to do their work successfully. Some computers can’t open and run programs you might need them to use, so having them use their personal computers may not be a fair solution. You can install programs and manage their devices better this way, as well.

Improve communication: Communication can be aided through tools as we talked about, which will keep your team on task and allow them to collaborate on projects in a seamless and easy way.

Be involved: Sometimes, your team can seem isolated when everyone is working remotely. Make sure to reach out, help them as if they are in the office, and be there for them as needed. You are their leader, so make sure you can continue to lead effectively. But don’t micromanage, make sure you have a healthy balance of trust and encouragement. Don’t overstep, but don’t leave them shooting in the dark.

A Two-Step Process

To do all of this, we recommend using a two-step process:

Collaborative Vision for Delivery

Feedback and communication should be the pillars you work on. Always ask your staff how work can be better and more effective, by posing them these questions:

  • What we are trying to accomplish, from your point of view?
  • What are the problems you are having with this project? 
  • If you were the one planning, how would you approach this project?

Before the project begins, allow your workers to have a hand in the planning portion. This will give them the confidence and knowledge that their opinion matters to you. Maybe split your team into groups to discuss the feedback they have, so you are also incorporating collaboration in the feedback process.

Focus on Problems

Now that you know how your team is feeling, put yourself to work. Feedback only matters when you do something about it. After you ask your team how they are feeling, use that feedback to change the workspace.

MyTek can help with the implementation of new remote collaboration tools and can help you figure out which programs would work the best for your team and its needs. Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more about these tools and how your team can work remotely successfully.

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