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Cloud IT Hosting Services for Growing Arizona Businesses

Ready for a Modern Business Solution? Let Us Take Your Business Safely and Securely Into the Cloud.

Many small- to mid-sized businesses are searching for ways to enhance the mobility, flexibility and scalability of their business. One of our values at MyTek is to make sure our solutions play a strategic role in your company's bottom-line. Cloud hosting is a modern business solution that saves costs and helps increase productivity and efficiency within your business.

Through cloud computing, we take the burden of purchasing, running and maintaining technology off your plate and into the cloud. By storing your data in our secure data center, you can do more for less with cloud computing - not to mention worry and focus less on IT and more on your business.

Our partnership with Iron Mountain, a premier data center, allows us to offer our clients a highly secure hosting environment and solution.

Case Studies

 Cipherloc thumb

MyTek's "Azure-Level Hosting Quality Coupled with Flexibility" Make it an Ideal Solution for Scottsdale-Based Cybersecurity Company CipherLoc

Cipherloc sought to move their servers from in-house to a highly secure cloud-based hosting solution. The decision to move from on-site servers to cloud-based was prompted by the desire to have a data hosting solution with the highest degree of security possible. Due to the level of security required, Cipherloc initially looked at the big hosting solutions: Microsoft Azure and AWS. When Dr. Milton Mattox, Cipherloc's Chief Operating Officer, learned about MyTek's hosting solution, he decided to explore it.

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