Reviewing Smartphones – Value Devices

Reviewing Smartphones - Value Devices

Value smartphones don’t have to be badly made or of poor quality. But, to help you get the most out of your money, we’ve created a list of the best value smartphones on the market. You might be surprised about the specs and value packed into these devices.  Google Pixel 5a Colors available: Mostly Black […]

2022 Flagship Smartphones From Top Competitors

Reviewing Smartphones - The Flagships

Looking to purchase a new smartphone? You probably will want to look at the latest flagship smartphones on the market.  Google Pixel 6 Pro Google has not had a flagship smartphone in the past two years, but their new device might be one. The Google Pixel 6 Pro runs the new Tensor chip, has a […]

Malware That Targets Android Can Cause Major Problems

Malware That Targets Android Can Cause Major Problems

While it might be more common to hear about malware that attacks desktop computers, laptops, or networks, we need you to be aware that there are types of malware that attack mobile devices. One example is the malware threat called TangleBot which has recently been discovered, which has caused major issues for Android consumers and […]

Budget Smartphone Offerings- Let’s Take a Look

Taking a Look at Budget Smartphone Offerings from Samsung, Apple, and Google

Taking a look at budget smartphone offerings: today, we discuss smartphone budget options from Samsung, Google, and Apple that can be had for a fraction of the cost of today’s flagship smartphones. With smartphones becoming more expensive every year, the top offerings from major manufacturers price some out of the market. This provides an opportunity for […]

A Smartphone that Folds? Would You Buy it?

Would You Buy a Smartphone that Folds?

Does a smartphone that folds exist? In last week’s blog we took a brief look at the best phones money can buy. This week we take a look at some devices that cost more than the flagship devices and don’t necessarily have the specs that back up the price. These devices, however, have something else: […]

Flagship Smartphones 2021 And How They Compare & Contrast

flagship smartphones

Each manufacturer has one best device, their flagship smartphones. So today, we’re going to look at them all and how they compare to one another. Flagship Smartphones Review Samsung Galaxy s20 Ultra Samsung is often taken for granted, but they usually release one of the best devices of the year. This year’s example is the […]

Phoenix IT Services Company on How to Get More Done on Your Smartphone

The modern smartphone has a lot of computing power. It has enough to be a dynamic tool for today’s workers. It can also be a major distraction. Today, Phoenix IT services company MyTek provides tips tol help you be more productive with your smartphone.  Find the Right Apps If you are like most of the […]

Business Technology: Restoring Your Android Applications

Restoring your applications might seem like a really strange thing to do, but there are actually a lot of compelling reasons you might want to. Today, we’re going to be talking about how to restore apps and why you might want to. When do You Need to Restore Your Applications? Some of the main reasons […]

Tip of the Week from Phoenix IT Security Company: Smartphones Security Tips

If you were given the task to look up a phone number, call a business, and navigate to the new-to-you area, would you be able to without your smartphone? For some of us the answer will still be yes, for a vast majority, the answer is no. Smartphones have quickly transitioned from a calling device, […]


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