Disaster Prevention Technology Will Protect Your Data, No Matter What Happens

disaster prevention technology

Data Backup Solutions If your business lost all of its data, what would happen? Think about that. These awful situations are exactly why we recommend every business practices the 3-2-1 rules. The 3-2-1 rule is that you have three copies of your data in two different locations, with one being stored offsite. Cloud Solutions In […]

So, Your Data Was Breached… What Do You Do Now?

So, Your Data Was Breached… What Do You Do Now?

Data breaches happen more than we would like, even during the holiday season. While we should do a lot to prevent these types of attacks, we should also be prepared for how to deal with them if they do happen. MyTek can help with preventing these from the get-go, but sometimes, there is only so […]

What We Can Learn from the Facebook Outage

What We Can Learn from the Facebook Outage

A few ago, and a few weeks before Facebook announced their rebranding into “Meta,” there was a major outage on all of its social media sites. While you might roll your eyes as to the importance of a social media outage, it affected more than you might realize. Let’s look into how this outage affected […]

Cybersecurity Lessons from the Colonial Pipeline Attack

Cybersecurity Lessons to Be Learned from the Colonial Pipeline Attack

There has been a ton of news coverage about the recent cybersecurity breach of the Colonial Pipeline, which has caused significant gas shortages on the east coast. While it has not been restored, as the writing of this article, the way it was accomplished sets up a dangerous narrative. This attack has also set off […]

Phoenix IT Support and How Technology Can Help SMBs Reopen Safely

Many small businesses in the United States—most, actually—are in a catch-22 of sorts due to the COVID-19 pandemic. While reopening too soon could contribute to a resurgence in infection rates, there is also a very real risk associated with reopening too late. To help avoid either scenario, Phoenix IT support firm MyTek offers tips on […]

Phoenix IT Tip: Business Continuity Planning

Disasters, at least in the business sense, have long been underestimated. While you always, always, hear about disasters that are often seen, there are some (as we are witnessing now) that can go under the radar until they strike. Regardless of the nature of the disaster, however, you need to be prepared to continue both […]

Phoenix IT Support: Tip of the Week – Adapt to a Business Disaster

disaster recovery, disaster recovery plan

“Stuff” happens. While this may not be the kind of thing you want to consider in terms of your business’ operations, it is something that must be done if you want to be prepared for the moment when all of that “stuff” hits the fan (as so many businesses are now learning firsthand). For this […]

Phoenix IT Support: Tips on Rebuilding Your Business Continuity Process

Every business needs a continuity plan (BCP) so that if their business is forced to deal with problems that arise for any reason, that they have a working plan to get the business back up and operating as intended quickly. It’s one thing to have it all written down on paper, outlining how things are […]

Phoenix IT Services Shares How Tech is Addressing COVID-19?

While COVID-19 has largely dominated the public awareness and created huge shifts and interruptions to businesses of all sizes, small businesses have clearly been impacted the most–essential and non-essential businesses alike. Of course, this doesn’t mean that large enterprises and corporations aren’t also affected. The difference is, these enterprises and corporations are sometimes better equipped […]


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