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What We Can Learn from the Facebook Outage

A few ago, and a few weeks before Facebook announced their rebranding into “Meta,” there was a major outage on all of its social media sites. While you might roll your eyes as to the importance of a social media outage, it affected more than you might realize.

Let’s look into how this outage affected things and what lessons every single business can learn from this.

The True Scope of the Facebook Outage Went Far Beyond

“Facebook” owns more than just the social media network of the same name. Facebook has spent over $23 billion acquiring companies from the unlaunched operating system called Parakey, the CRM platform Kustomer, and much more. Meta, the company that owns Facebook also owns a ton of other systems, social media platforms, and messaging apps.

The real issue with this outage is that many businesses rely on Facebook and its associated applications for their services. This means that everyone who uses WhatsApp for work was affected by this outage, and so much more. For websites that use the “Facebook login” tool, people were locked out of those too until the outage was over. This just goes to show that you shouldn’t put all of your eggs in one basket, but sometimes this is the only way, like if your business uses a unified workplace platform. So… what do you do in this kind of situation?

Create A Backup Plan

Just like when Facebook went down, the impacts of an even larger company like Google or Microsoft going down would have even worse results. You might even use applications from another company, and if they all went down… what would happen to your business?

This has to do with a business continuity plan. While that usually is discussed in terms of disasters like fires, hurricanes, power loss, or equipment damage, the same ideas apply. Your business’ continuity could be highly affected by an outage that is out of your control. While this isn’t incredibly likely, it can definitely happen, which the Facebook outage proved.

You should always have a strategy ready to go that addresses these types of complications. MyTek can help with this. We can help you come up with a strategy so something like this could never affect your business. Facebook outage? Your business can still succeed. Call us today at 623-312-2444 to learn more.

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