Three Ways (Out of Many) That VoIP Boosts Productivity

Three Ways (Out of Many) That VoIP Boosts Productivity

VoIP—Voice over Internet Protocol—is an incredibly useful tool for today’s businesses to make use of, especially in terms of improving productivity. Let’s consider a few capabilities that can give you and your team a leg up.

Collaboration Spans Multiple Apps

The improvement in technology directly contributes to the amount of productivity business sees. One place this is evident is in the way in which businesses use collaboration tools to move business forward. Let’s take a brief look at what exactly we mean by collaboration tools and how they benefit the businesses that use them.  Talking […]

Phoenix Technology Solutions: VoIP is a Game Changer

Businesses of all types rely on their telephone systems. Today, there is an option that can revolutionize any business’ communications platform, and do so for a fraction of the cost of a traditional telephone system. Today, Phoenix technology solutions provider MyTek takes a look at VoiP and why it’s such a good option for your […]

Phoenix IT Security Firm on the Importance of Secure Conferencing

With stay-at-home and remote working on the up rise, conferencing has been a very important tool for businesses. Though, it is important to remember that video conferencing tools are just like any other tool and that their security needs to be unkempt to keep your business safe. MyTek is a Phoenix IT security firm that […]

Can Your Business Benefit from Digital Signage

Digital signage is becoming popular in many industries these days. Previously, it was used majorly in the retail industry for displaying product information. However, there are far more use cases of digital signage than a display function.  Phoenix IT company outlines the numerous benefits of digital signage for your business. It Can Increase Your Attention […]

A Brief Review of (Some) VoIP Features

VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) solutions famously offer businesses some significant cost savings. While this may be the extent of many people’s understanding of its value, VoIP actually has a lot more to offer. That’s why we wanted to go over just a few of its benefits – to provide a bit of insight into […]

Are You Providing Internal Communication Capabilities?

Business communication is a vast and complex field with both internal and external guidelines. However, many organizations encourage just external communications focused on the sales and the operational side. As a result, crucial aspects of internal communication between teams are neglected. Our Phoenix IT support team will walk you through all the available internal communications […]

How VoIP Can Save Your Business Money

Reducing the amount of money that a small or medium business has to spend is always good news. One way to do this is using VoIP solutions, otherwise known as Voice over Internet Protocol. Today we’re going to talk about how VoIP’s are a budget friendly option for businesses of all sizes, and how MyTek […]