Phoenix IT Security Firm on the Importance of Secure Conferencing

With stay-at-home and remote working on the up rise, conferencing has been a very important tool for businesses. Though, it is important to remember that video conferencing tools are just like any other tool and that their security needs to be unkempt to keep your business safe. MyTek is a Phoenix IT security firm that works on all kinds of security, so today, we thought we’d write about video conferencing solution security.

What’s So Important About Having a Secure Conferencing Solution?

Before we talk about how to secure your conferences, we need to understand the threats that could impact them. First of all, webcams are often targeted by hackers, so this is something to keep in mind. In order to upkeep security, you and your team will need to choose a security solution to work with in the first place. We have to be honest, some of the solutions out there are more secure than others, so we’re going to look at four different ones.

They include:

Develop Solid Policies for IT Security

Similar to having a BYOD (bring your own device) policy, your team needs to understand their role in protecting your business’ network security. 

Here are some guidelines to consider implementing:

  • Permissions in place for recording meetings
  • No sensitive or confidential information should be shown on screen unless it is requested and relevant
  • Personal devices shouldn’t be used to record the conferences
  • Cameras and microphones should be muted or disconnected when not in use
  • If sensitive information is being shared, it needs to be done so in a secure manner, and not through the conference.

Use Encryption 

Your hardware and video conferencing software should have 128-bit AES encryption installed. This will not only protect your sensitive data but it will also make sure that all data is being delivered without any issues.

Authentication and Control

Most of the conferencing apps that are popular at the moment have single-login authentication. You might want to consider using a domain-based security system that will allow administrators to set up permissions and monitor who has access to what. 

Update Your System 

Your system and applications should always be updated and patches so you can avoid any threats or vulnerabilities that might be prevalent. 

Because we’re relying so heavily on conferencing solutions, you might need some IT help! MyTek is here to walk you through how to keep your conferencing solution safe, so give us a call at 623-312-2440 today.

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