These Cloud Benefits Will Reduce Your Expenses And Boost Your Investment

Stabilize Your Computing Costs with Cloud Computing

When it comes to decreasing your business’ expenses and getting more for your money, the cloud is the most obvious way to do both of these things. Here are a few cloud benefits that will help you reduce expenses while improving your return on investment. Accessibility One of the biggest benefits of the cloud is […]

Get the Apps You Need in the Cloud

Get the Apps You Need in the Cloud

When you’re setting up a desktop infrastructure for your company, the options and possibilities might seem overwhelming. One of the best options we’d recommend is Desktop-as-a-Service. But how does this option compare to others and why might you get the best value out of it if you own a small business? Let’s take a look […]

Vulnerabilities Found Inside Azure-Linked Managed Database Service

Vulnerabilities Found Inside Azure-Linked Managed Database Service

Did you know that some threats can remain undiscovered for months, or even years? Unfortunately, this happened with the Microsoft Azure database. This exploit was discovered by the cloud service provider Wiz. Let’s take a look at the Azure exploit and what they found out about it. This vulnerability is called Choas DB and it […]

Making The Hybrid Workplace Switch? MyTek Can Help

Hybrid Work is the Future… But There Are Some Challenges to Overcome

Recently, the hybrid workplace has risen in popularity and perceived value. This is mostly due to the flexibility it gives employees. While a hybrid workplace is becoming reality, there are still a few major hurdles that need to be cleared before it can completely take off. How do you make the hybrid workplace switch? Let’s […]

Are Your Employees’ Smartwatches Security Risks?

Are Your Employees’ Smartwatches Security Risks?

Are Your Employees’ Smartwatches Security Risks? The smartwatch is one of the most popular gifts given to technology lovers; and, they have quite a bit of utility. They can help improve communication, health, and of course give them a sleek accessory. One problem that people don’t often consider is how their employer has to handle […]

Explore Phoenix Cloud Hosting & Three Ways it is a Cost-Effective Option for Your Business

As technology has developed, the tools available for businesses to use have gained considerable benefits. One particularly paradigm-shifting advancement, the cloud, has allowed businesses access to better solutions than ever before, and with the bonus of making them easier to manage. Today, MyTek, a Phoenix cloud hosting providers, shares a few such solutions that many […]

Phoenix IT Cloud Hosting: Next Generation Cloud

For the past decade, cloud computing has grown fairly rapidly, but as a new decade, and a pesky virus has people (and businesses) leaning on hosted computing solutions more now than ever, it seems like a good time to review the types of cloud options that are available, and how they provide value to businesses […]

Work Better From Home Tips

Thanks to Covid-19, the majority of the businesses have shifted to a work-from-home schedule. While some employees enjoy the changed work scenario, others view it as a source of anxiety and tension. Irrespective of your work culture, remote working can be productive when you follow the right guidelines.  Phoenix IT firm MyTek highlights some tips […]

Green Technologies for Business: Phoenix Cloud Computing Solutions

Businesses all over the world are adopting various green techniques to future-proof their organization. Starting from LED bulbs to cloud computing, there are different approaches to implementing green technology.  However, in the past, green technologies were seen as costly rather than cost-effective. But, things are changing for good as business owners are discovering the benefits […]

Tip of the Week: Three Ways the Cloud Boosts Businesses from Arizona Cloud Hosting Service MyTek

Thanks to the increasing capabilities of modern computing networks, businesses have been able to experience enhanced productivity. One such capability, cloud computing, has allowed businesses to reach outside of their physical location to conduct their operations. Here, we’ll review some of cloud computing’s other benefits from Arizona cloud hosting service MyTek.  Improved Team Collaboration One […]