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Making The Hybrid Workplace Switch? MyTek Can Help

Recently, the hybrid workplace has risen in popularity and perceived value. This is mostly due to the flexibility it gives employees. While a hybrid workplace is becoming reality, there are still a few major hurdles that need to be cleared before it can completely take off. How do you make the hybrid workplace switch? Let’s discuss.

Not Everything We Use is Compatible With Hybrid Work

Most businesses are still using tools that aren’t extremely compatible with hybrid use. This is causing businesses to shift their focus to use tools that can be reliable in different settings, like cloud solutions, digital communications, and mobile solutions. Then, these newer forms of technology must be paired with the technology to keep them secured, no matter where they are.

Hybrid is Currently Viewed As a Half-Measure to Keep Employees Local

Hybrid work makes it so that the employees cannot relocate too far away, since it is hybrid and there are still times in which they will need to come into work. It is also used as a test to see how a fully remote operation would run. While this is understandable, it won’t really push these businesses to actually pursue great hybrid options.

Labor Laws Focus on the Employee’s Location, Not the Employer’s

Most labor laws circulate the location of the employees and not the company they are working for. These may need to change as employees are increasingly changing their whereabouts, some not even having permanent addresses and traveling the world while they work. 

Culture and Management is Lacking for Hybrid Workers

Many policies and work structures will need to be changed before a hybrid model can effectively work. This includes hiring, teamwork, meetings, and promotion processes.

MyTek is here to help and can equip your employees with everything they need to work in a hybrid setting if that is what your business is striving for. Learn more about our managed services today and how to make the hybrid workplace switch, by calling us at 623-312-2444.

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