MyTek’s Butler Service Supports the Technology Needs of Local Non-Profit Elevate Phoenix

Elevate Phoenix is an Arizona non-profit whose mission is to deliver long-term, life-changing relationships to urban youth. Through their innovative programs serving Title 1 Phoenix schools, they touch the lives of youth elementary age and beyond high school. After years of sporadic volunteer IT support and with growing technology needs, Elevate Phoenix chose MyTek and its MyTek Butler service as its technology partner.

The Challenge

“Prior to MyTek assuming our IT needs, we relied on a volunteer for our IT support,” said Dalila Gamper, Elevate Phoenix’s Education Director. “The support was pretty hodgepodge, and our volunteer’s time was limited. When our volunteer went on vacation or was not available, we just had to wait to get our IT needs resolved, which was not ideal.” Dalila shared an example of a time when their development director was having numerous computer issues during a very busy time before a big event.

With no one around to provide support, she had a lot of downtime, which was not ideal. As the organization grew, so did the technology needs. “We needed a resource who could keep moving with us, as we have a lot going on,” shared Dalila.

The Solution

Knowing it was time to move beyond volunteer IT, Elevate Phoenix went through a vetting process that included both solo IT contractors and technology companies like MyTek. “In the end, we leaned toward an IT company even if it may cost a bit more,” said Lorraine Mata, the organization’s office manager. “We needed to be sure we would have reliable access to IT support at all times when needed and felt we would not get that in the way we needed with an individual contractor.” Elevate Phoenix chose MyTek and its Butler IT service, selecting them based on the fit between their IT needs and MyTek’s strengths as well as the fact that they were a company versus an independent contractor.

MyTek takes care of all of the company’s employee computers, maintaining both the hardware and software and troubleshooting any IT problems employees encounter. “In addition, MyTek has served as an IT consultant to us on many occasions,” stated Dalila. “They helped us determine our needs for additional computers for some of our students who needed them when the pandemic hit as well as purchase and set them up for our students.” She added that they have also consulted on other key issues such as helping them select new technology needed when the pandemic hit to deliver their programs to students online.

They have also helped us and continue to help us with IT issues that we’ve encountered with our systems and the schools’ systems that we interact with. Dalila added that as a non-technical person, having a resource like MyTek to help them navigate in layman’s terms IT challenges they encounter with other partner organizations has been really valuable.

The Benefit

“It’s night and day,” said Lorraine, in response to their IT experience before and after MyTek. “We needed a more stable partner, and we got one.” Dalila concurs that engaging MyTek has made a world of difference. “Things get taken care of right away,” adding that MyTek has been able to support them at the same level of service and professionalism as they made the transition to a remote work during the pandemic. “They take care of us the same way as before when we were in the office,” added Lorraine. “We’ve had a very good experience with MyTek and would highly recommend them,” said Dalila. “They are really good at interpreting my non-technical questions and our needs and translating them into solutions that meet our needs.” “They are very professional and patient,” added Lorraine. “We’ve never had an issue that has not been taken care of quickly.”


Dalila Gamper

Education Director

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