When is It Time for My Company to Outsource IT?

The choice to outsource IT is one many organizations, both large and small, make for a variety of reasons. Some companies choose to outsource all of their IT needs, while others opt to leverage an IT provider for just some of their IT needs. There are many benefits to choosing to oursource IT. Making the choice to let someone else take on the technical needs for your company can come with many benefits to your operations, budget and productivity.

Here are some things to consider when determining if outsourcing IT is right for your business.

Will Outsourced IT Lower My Operating Costs?

For most companies, the answer is yes. Outsourcing IT is often much more economical than having in-house IT resources. You’ll save costs in salary, equipment and benefits.

Does Outsourced IT Make Employees More Productive?

It is often comforting to know that there is a dedicated IT resource for technical programs that your employees can turn to. This is especially true if your team is not very tech savvy. A helpline to contact will save them time, stress and frustration, leaving them able to focus on their job.

Will Outsourcing My IT Broaden Our Expertise?

Rather than relying on one or more individuals in-house for IT, outsourcing IT will open up a breadth of expertise in several IT areas. You’ll also gain access to new technology for productivity, security and performance.

How Does Outsourced IT Impact Data Safety and Security?

You will want to make sure you’re ready to give access to sensitive company information to your IT provider. This should not be an issue if you choose your IT partner wisely and vet them well. Your IT partner will need access to your business’ data and security. Ultimately, with the right IT partner and access to increased security resources and technology, your company data will be more secure.

Can Outsourcing IT Help Me Streamline?

Timing when choosing to outsource IT can be important. If your business had a quiet time of year, this is a good time to make the jump to outsourcing IT. It will make it easier for your managed IT service provider to onboard and get your IT up-and-running as well as reduce disruption and downtime to your employees. In the end, outsourcing IT helps many businesses streamline IT into one central resource. This allows the company and its employees more freedom to focus on core services offered by the organization.

In conclusion, “Just because an IT activity is business-critical doesn’t mean that all its elements have to be kept in-house,” according to an article by Harvard Business Review we found on the topic of outsourcing IT. For our clients who receive MyTek’s white-glove IT Butler service, IT is central to the success of running their business. Yet they’ve found that outsourcing IT frees their teams up to focus on their job functions while letting us handle the IT day-to-day.

MyTek, an Arizona managed IT services company, has helped many organizations migrate and successfully leverage Teams. Contact us to learn more.

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