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Part 3: What is the Value of Managed Services?

Data is crucial for every modern organization but it’s also important to know how to use a vast amount of data. A managed service provider gives you the right guidance to use your business data more effectively.

This blog is the continuation of our managed service providers series and we’ll explore how data can be harnessed for your business growth. You’ll be learning from the seasoned Phoenix IT services firm, MyTek. 

Take Advantage of Cloud Hosting for Your Business

Today’s businesses produce an enormous amount of data every day which they can utilize for multiple purposes. However, before obtaining the data, you need to store it.

The easiest way to store data is to use your office space. But, this technique comes with disadvantages:

  • It is difficult to use the office space efficiently as you cannot expand the storage of your office room. 
  • Large power requirements increase the office’s temperature
  • The equipment is very costly and complex to set up.
  • Usually, the equipment warranties are unreliable.
  • The pieces of equipment require comprehensive maintenance. 

Furthermore, on-site storage poses challenges when it comes to mitigating data loss. On top of that, most businesses can not afford to pay for an enormous amount of storage. With the right managed service provider, your business can receive expert advice from industry professionals on how to use advanced solutions like the cloud.

Back-Up and Recover Your Data

A data breach can have serious implications on your businesses. Hence, you need to ensure that your data system is up to date with a robust backup system. Also, you need to have a concrete plan in place to use the data continually. But, data backups can also be vulnerable to cyber risks. That’s why you need a good managed IT service provider to spot and plan for the worst-case scenarios.

A managed service provider will guide you to make multiple backup copies of your data. With numerous duplicates of your data in different places, you can secure your business in a better way and have a plan to deal with unforeseen circumstances effectively.

Use a Data Warehouse

A data warehouse ensures that all your business data is collected together in a single location. This bird’s eye view of the data helps you to analyze the data from a new perspective. This perspective can enhance your business operations, thereby leading to higher growth.

But, data warehousing requires enhanced computing power. A managed service provider can help you obtain the right warehousing resources for your business.

Our Next Installment is on its Way!

Our next edition will touch on the topic of procurement. Subscribe to the MyTek blog to ensure that you don’t miss out on it. Feel free to get in touch with MyTek, a Phoenix cloud hosting company, for additional help. Contact us at 623-312-2440.

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