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Tech Term: Virtualization

There are many terms we may mention in our blogs that are a little too complicated for you to understand at first glance, but most of the time they are relatively simple concepts you may not have been introduced to yet. Today, we’re going to discuss what is virtualization.

What is Virtualization?

This is the process of taking something physical like a desktop, operating system storage solution or server and replicating it into a digital form to increase scalability and to help its management in the workload. This also makes your equipment one entity instead of multiple. Known as hypervisor software, the host can be divided into different virtual environments called virtual machines or the guests.

The host gives out resources to the guests as needed from their shared pool, allowing functionality. This process can maximize the ROI (return on investments) that you have made and can increase any additional investments you may need to make in the future.


There are many different versions and types of this process, each one with different functionalities they can offer to your business.

  • Data Virtualization – Data and separate information is gathered and assembled in this kind.
  • Operating System Virtualization – This where multiple different operating systems can be run and hosted on one single computer.
  • Desktop Virtualization – Desktops can be replicated, utilized, and opened.
  • Server Virtualization – Even though there is only one server, it can be made to act as if there are multiple in use.
  • Network Virtualization – A single network can create multiple networks, all isolated and separate.

Do you think your business can use any of these methods? Contact MyTek today to learn more at 623-312-2440.

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