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Threats are Changing – Security is Changing Too

While security is one of the most important parts of business, it is constantly growing and changing. The best practices of ten, five, or even one year ago may not even be relevant anymore in the developing security environment. Your company should be keeping a close eye on security and should never rely on technology that is too old and can’t handle new incoming threats. Today, we’re going to be talking about some of the big ways that security has changed and how it will continue to in the near future. 

This information is gathered by a Cisco study that analyzed the findings of 3,600 data security professionals from many organizations and partners around the world, like Talos.

Malware Grows More Autonomous

Malware once relied on an unsuspecting victim who may click on a link in order to install it onto their computer. But lately, malware is relying less and less on people and user mistakes and is becoming network-based. This includes ransomware, which can be installed on one single device but can spread across an entire network. Cisco thinks this type of malware may become the future and has the ability to take over the entire internet.

Ransomware is About More than Just Money

While the ransom part of this malware is what initially intrigued hackers to use ransomware because of the profit it made them, it has become more than that. Many businesses and individuals don’t want to lose their data, because maybe they don’t have a backup. Some ransomware is even threatening to leak data, which can cause even bigger issues for individuals and businesses alike. 

Threats are Getting Better at Avoiding Detection

With hidden and encrypted traffic, ransomware can avoid detections and make it seriously difficult for your to identify and get rid of it before it gets in. Even through cloud-based applications and services, attackers can control attacks and hide them as normal traffic. 

Internet of Things Devices are a Problem

With a device that can connect to the internet, they become big issues when used for business work. They are often patched poorly and create backdoors for hackers and allow for unauthorized access. 

Security is changing, but MyTek is here to help your business change with it so that your security measures are always up to par. Give us a call today to learn more at 623-312-2440.

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