Break/Fix Method Of Outsourcing

Did you know that outsourcing IT or project management is a common practice followed by successful businesses worldwide? In the early days of IT, outsourcing was a sought-after, cost-effective method to solve your organizational challenges.

But, recent times have seen a rise of break/fix methods of IT services. Here, an IT service provider charges a business for only the specific type of service provided. Companies need not pay for each new IT repair project.

The break/fix method can become costly very fast when you have bulk services at hand.

In this blog, we’ll explore the fundamentals of the break/fix method of IT services.

Let’s start!

What is the Break/Fix Method?

The break/fix method of IT service works well for businesses with several computers or workstations. There can be a server failure at any point in time. Using the break/fix method, the IT service provider just charges for the repair work. The businesses do not have to pay for any maintenance of their server. But, if the repair work is enormous, it can cost your organization a considerable amount of money.

Let’s understand the break/fix method with the help of a car repair example. Imagine facing any car brake or engine; you need to take your car to the mechanic shop. It may take days or weeks together to fix the problem. And based on the intensity of the repair work, the service can get costly. 

In business parlance, the time taken to fix an organizational server is called business downtime. 

Let us understand more about downtime in the next section.

What is Downtime?

Downtime is when the IT servers or computers remain non-operational for repair or maintenance work in an IT industry. At this time, the employees may not be able to work on their routine tasks.

The cost of downtime varies from organization to organization. If you run a salon and your point of sales machine fails, you may still be able to collect money from your customers. Your business may not be significantly affected.

But, if you are a large IT organization with multiple workstations, a server breakdown can cost your business millions. Employees may not be able to work on crucial tasks effectively. Here, downtime can significantly eat into your business growth.

How can you reduce the effect of downtime and carry out cost-effective maintenance work?

The answer lies in outsourcing your IT management to a reliable Phoenix IT support firm like MyTek.

IT Management Outsourcing Services From MyTek

Outsourcing is a proactive way to repair your IT ecosystem. We here at MyTek have advanced automation tools to monitor your IT organizational setup constantly. With constant tracking and foresight, MyTek technicians can detect challenges at your workplace. In case of a minor issue, we automatically fix it from our end. But, if it is a significant problem, we alert you beforehand. You can, in turn, launch your contingency plan and protect your system.

In addition, we also provide other major business IT services. You can choose the right solutions that suit your business. And, we bill you on a flat monthly rate with no extra penny for our services.

Overall, your partnership with MyTek will give you access to advanced outsourcing services. Also, you can opt for the right plan with additional services.

Hence, if you are looking for the best phoenix based IT service provider, to reduce business downtime, give MyTek a try.

You can always contact us or call us at 623-312-2440. 

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