How to Set Up a Gmail Auto-Response

We live in a world where technology is quickly becoming an extension of ourselves. Business communication to personal interaction — everything happens via Gmail, social media, telephone, and more.

Of these, Gmail is more preferred for business communications. Cold emails, marketing newsletters, team calendar settings, etc., are some of the important functionalities of Gmail communication.

While technology is beneficial, we also need regular breaks from technology. But, when it comes to our work email, a communication gap can also freak us out.

That’s why you need to set up a Gmail auto-response system to balance your work needs and personal breaks.

This blog gives you a clear understanding of setting up ‘out of office’ messages in Gmail using the auto-response option.

Let’s begin!

How to Set Up an Auto-Response Message in Gmail: A Step-by-Step Guide

Step 1: Log in to your Gmail Account

Step 2: Select the settings option from the top right corner. The menu is in hamburger shape.

Step 3: Scroll down the various options of the general menu until you reach the vacation responder option.

Step 4: Select the vacation responder option.

Step 5: Set your first day out of the office and last day out of the office. You may note that the last day out of the office is an optional setup as sometimes you may end up taking unplanned vacations.

Step 6: You can give a subject line to your message. For example, “OUT OF OFFICE ON PERSONAL WORK.”

Step 7: In the message field, you can describe in detail your vacation: How long you will be away, an alternative number to contact you in case of emergency, and more.

Step 8: You may choose to send the vacation message only to people in your contact.

Step 9: Once you have entered all the details, make sure that you save the changes.

Note: Vacation messages will be sent only every four days to your contacts.

Now that you have set a basic auto-response message while you go out of the office, it’s time to keep certain crucial things in mind.

Share Your Mobile Number

Since the auto-messages are sent only once in 4 days, you may not be able to respond to emergencies. You can share your mobile number in the message section for people to reach out to you, even during vacations. Sometimes, unforeseen circumstances require our immediate attention.

As a business, you need to balance your professional commitments and personal needs. In doing so, you’ll ensure that the communication does not suffer. 

We at MyTek help businesses streamline their IT and communication. Feel free to give us a ring on (623) 312-2440 to know more about our services.

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