Unified Threat Management Can Help Monitor Your Network

Security, especially for your network, is really important for businesses of all sizes, no matter what industry you’re a part of. Network security should always be taken seriously and should be monitored regularly so you can be aware if there are any signs of intrusion. Today we’re going to look at what network monitoring is all about and how Unified Threat Management can help.

Let’s think about the daily work that goes into your workplace. Sometimes things go wrong, and you don’t know why. Files might start disappearing or ending up in the wrong place, or maybe your network is slowing down. No matter what the issue is, you’ll need to make sure nothing like that happens or affects your job.

When you finally investigate the issue, it might be worse than you realize. It might even show that someone on your time has been doing some shady things, but they wouldn’t do that, would they? 

Now it’s time to investigate. Once you’ve dug in, you might find an unknown IP address from another country. Your network is being accessed through a compromised account and you’ll need to figure out what to do.

This is a situation that happens way more than you might realize. If you don’t figure out something like this is happening, irreversible damage could be done. You need to keep an eye on your network to make sure nothing crazy is happening behind the scenes.  

MyTek can help your organization with our remote monitoring and network security solutions that are specifically designed to address and detect anomalies. It’s not sustainable for your team to do this on their own time so you have professionals do it for you. 

We offer Unified Threat Management, access controls, multi-factor authentication and password management. Using these can really help your team. Call us today at 623-312-2444 to learn more about it.

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