Tip of the Week: Find Your Printer’s IP Address

When your printer is connected to your network, it can be really handy, but in order to use it properly, you’ll need to know its IP address. Today we’re going to learn how to find printer IP address while using Windows 10 and why this information is important.

What Is Your IP Address?

Internet Protocol (IP) addresses are numerical values that are assigned to your computer network on the internet. IP addresses identify the host and establish your location on the internet while creating a path for the two.

Without being too complicated, your IP address is your network’s location on the internet and it is helpful to know what it is so you can configure your products. You might not be doing the configuring, since your tech professionals should be in charge of that, but if you need to know your IP address, finding it out can be rather simple.

Finding Your Printer’s IP Address

If the drivers on your printer are already installed, you’ll be able to find its IP address through the Control Panel. If your network is not yet connected to your printer, you’ll need to follow these steps instead:

  • Open “Control Panel”
  • Navigate to “Hardware and Sound”
  • Select “View Devices and Printers”
  • Right-click on the printer
  • Select “Properties” from the list of options
  • Select the “Web Services” tab
  • Under Troubleshooting information, you should see your printer’s IP address.

Are there any other tips that you would find helpful? Now that we have taught you how to find printer IP Address, what else can we do? Comment below.

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