Tip of the Week: Keyboard Shortcuts Using the Windows Key

Keyboard shortcuts help you speed up your work processes. Microsoft introduced these shortcuts in 1994, along with the Windows 95 model. The shortcut key or the Win (Windows) key is visible in the revamped keyboard layout—when you press this key, the start menu pops up.

In this blog, we’ll list down keyboard shortcuts using the Windows Key on a Windows 10 system. WinKey has evolved a lot since 1994, let’s see what it can do today.

What are the Keyboard Shortcuts Using the Win Key

Basic Functions

  • Win Key – Pressing the Windows Key helps you open and close the Start Menu
  • Win Key + Up – You can maximize an application window
  • Win Key + Down – This command is for minimizing an application window
  • Win Key + Left – Shift your application window to the left side of the device screen
  • Win Key + Right – Shift your application window to the right side of the device screen
  • Win Key + Home – Minimize all the applications windows except the currently active window
  • Win Key + Shift + Left/Right – Navigate an open window/application between different monitors
  • Win Key + M – This will minimize all the active windows
    • WinKey + Shift + M – This will restore all the minimized application windows
  • Win Key + L – This shortcut helps you lock your computer and also to switch between different users
  • Win Key + Tab – Open task view on your system
  • Win Key + E – Opens File Explorer on your system
  • Win Key + R – Open up the  Run menu
  • Win Key + D – Helps you Hide/Display the desktop

Taskbar Functions

  • WinKey + T – Cycle through the programs currently in your Taskbar
  • WinKey + Number – Start the open Taskbar program that corresponds to the number selected
  • Shift + Number + WinKey– Opens a new instance of the active Taskbar program that fits the chosen number

Desktop Functions

  • Win Key + D + Ctrl – Start a new virtual desktop on your system
  • Win Key + Left/Right Ctrl +– Navigate through the available desktops on your system
  • Win Key + F4 + Ctrl  – Close the currently open desktop

We hope that these shortcuts will help you better navigate Windows 10. For more useful tips and tricks, don’t forget to subscribe to the MyTek blog.

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