As IT and OT Merges, You Need to Be Prepared

Businesses these days operate based on two primary technologies: operational technology and information technology. The line between these categories has blurred with the onset of the Internet of Things and other technological advancements. Most importantly, security challenges are an immediate cause of concern.

Here, Phoenix IT solutions firm MyTek walks you through the challenges involved in the IT and OT merger and how you can overcome them.

What Is the Difference Between Information Technology and Operational Technology?

It’s not easy to distinguish between OT and IT. Previously, you could easily see the difference based on the data your business collects or the types of equipment used. But, now the difference transcends both data and hardware usage. Also, it’s not as simple as software and hardware demarcation.

However, the synergy between OT and IT is necessary for smooth organizational processes, thereby giving rise to new challenges. Let’s explore these issues in detail.

Increase in Targeted Cyberattacks

Cybercriminals regularly target the legacy and proprietary solutions of the IT-OT interface. That means information technology’s threats have now transferred to operational technology. Operational technology networks are also susceptible to the threats like ransomware, botnets, and attacks that result in suspending operations. Hence, you need to ensure the protection of IT networks and network monitoring solutions.

Compliance Issues

Both government and non-governmental authorities lay down various compliances. These compliances ensure that you do not fall victim to cyber threats. In case of not complying with these standards, you can be subject to penalties or face data breaches—however, it’s tough to manage your operational technology manually. Hence, you need to be up to date with the IT requirements to ensure a smooth business setup. 

Increase in Security Challenges

With the Internet of Things and connected devices, the susceptibility to cyberattacks has also increased. Hence, you need to select the right monitoring solutions to detect and prevent any data breach in your organization.

Good Practices for Your IT and OT Security

Ensure that you put certain good practices to prepare for your organization’s OT and IT security.

  • Hardware inventory controls
  • Software inventory controls
  • Planned vulnerability management
  • Careful use of admin privileges
  • Secure software and hardware configurations
  • Maintenance and audit analysis

MyTek, a Phoenix IT solutions company, has the expertise to keep your business OT and IT security secure. To learn how we can help you, contact us at 623-312-2440 today!

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