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Tip of the Week: Keep Peeping Eyes Out of Your Webcam

Most laptops have built in webcams and thus it is difficult to ignore the elephant in the room — the possibility of being a victim of webcam spying. Today, we’re going to go over how to keep yourself safe and how to ensure that no one is using your webcam without your permission.

Update Your Software As Fast as Possible

A cybercriminal would need access to your camera to be able to spy on you. This can easily be done by hijacking an insecure program on any device equipped with a camera, especially one that has already been granted webcam access.

When you keep your software and applications up to date is the first and best method of deterring webcam spying. Causing the average hacker to have a much harder time getting in and hijacking any device equipped with a webcam. You will also want to keep your computer operating system updated as well. On a PC, this can be done by heading over to settings and to the security section. This where you will find new updates ready to be installed. You can also schedule updates to download after hours in order to not to interrupt your workflow.

Firewall Maintenance

A firewall is one solution that will keep unwanted forces out of your computer’s network. Having a firewall installed is not enough though, you must always make sure it is activated and running, and naturally, up to date. In your computer’s security section, you should be able to find information about your firewall network. You can also upgrade to different firewalls or use the one that your computer has installed.

Wi-Fi Security

Your network can easily be attacked through your router, instead of being attacked through the computer itself. If they can get into your router they can simply get into your network and hack into multiple devices of yours. Securing your router and your WI-Fi will make it that much harder for a cybercriminal to get in.

To do this, you should rename your Wi-Fi connection so that it can’t be tied back to you, or your business, and use a very strong and complex password. This password should have symbols and alphanumeric switches that a cybercriminal would not be able to guess.

Cover Up Your Webcam

If you are worried about someone watching you through your webcam, a simple way to help this is to cover it while you are working. There are many covers available that can be slid open for when you may need your webcam for meetings.

Your safety is important and we will be covering other similar topics on this blog soon. Reach out to MyTek if you have any security questions or concerns.

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