Secure Businesses Go Beyond the Firewall for Optimal IT Security

Most businesses these days have basic security set up like a “firewall” to protect their business. But, a firewall is not sufficient to protect your organization. Cybercriminals can easily bypass your security wall to attack your organization.

In reality, several solutions work collaboratively to enhance your organization’s security setup. MyTek explains the reasons behind this:

IT Security: Why Just a Firewall Isn’t Sufficient

A firewall serves the primary purpose of monitoring the incoming and outgoing traffic of your organization’s network. However, many IT security threats can overcome your firewalls. Also, there are other aspects of network security besides organizational security.

A firewall is similar to locking your front door. It does not prevent intruders from breaking open the window to get in. Hence, it is better to use a firewall in your overall cybersecurity strategy with other cybersecurity solutions.

IT Security: Protect Yourself From Spams

Spam messages may not always present threats to your business. But, they can distract you and eat away time from your productive work. But, when spam messages come with malicious links/attachments, there can be a definite security threat for your business. Encourage your employees to use spam filters and be extra vigilant about spam messages.

IT Security: Install a Centralized Antivirus

Make sure that you have a centralized antivirus solution to update your business workstations. With regular updates, your IT infrastructure is better protected and more immune to cyber risks.

IT Security: Ensure a Data Backup

To prevent your business from losing crucial data, ensure that you have a regular backup solution in place. Proper backup makes it easy for you to recover your files during a cyber disaster. Hence, your business remains well-protected in any cyberattack scenario.

IT Security: Set Up a Virtual Private Network

A virtual private network (VPN) prevents unauthorized access to your organization’s files. Even remote employees can safely access and use these locally stored business data.

IT Security: Create Awareness of Phishing

Phishing is a common form of cyberattack that’s carried out via email and text messages. Sometimes it becomes difficult to distinguish between genuine and fake messages. Many cybercriminals will try to convince users to hand over important account credential data. Though some attacks can be avoided using filters, one needs to be vigilant and conscious of the nature of these attacks.

A firewall is an essential investment. But, it should go hand-in-hand with enterprise-level IT solutions to protect your organization as a whole. To learn more about how you can use the best IT security solutions, feel free to call MyTek at 623-312-2440.

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