Setting Android’s Security Options

Are you aware that your personal mobile device holds a ton of personally identifiable information on it? You might be surprised by the amount that’s actually there. This is an important reason that many people choose to secure their phones at all times and others simply ignore it altogether. But, Google makes it super easy, so there is no real excuse for Android users to not secure their devices. Here’s how you can implement these security measures. Here at MyTek, Android device security is one of our top priorities.

Confirm Google Play Protect is on

You should always be careful when you are downloading applications through the Play Store because there is real risk if you accidentally download a faulty application. Google Play Protect is a system that scans your device for threats, so your device can stay as safe as possible. It should already be activated by default but if it isn’t, you can turn it on by going to Settings, security, and Google Play Protect. Turn the toggles on and your device will be better protected.

Enable Two-Factor Authentication

Androids aren’t the only ones with this feature, but it is a feature that is super important to utilize on your device. This feature adds an additional level of security that can prevent hackers from accessing the information that is held on your device. This is done by heading over to your settings, going to the Google section, and finding the security option. This is where you can set up your 2-step verification.

Limit Lock Screen Notifications

While it can be nice to have your notifications come up on your lock screen, it can be a privacy breach if someone were to pick up your phone and read your messages. You can actually limit the information that is displayed on your lock screen by going into your settings, going to the lock screen sections, and managing your notifications. Toggle on and off what apps you would like to appear on your lock screen.

Pinning Your Screen

If you let people use your phone occasionally, you don’t want them to have the option to snoop through your other applications and information. To stop this issue, you can pin your screen to one application, which means that that will be the only application that the user can use. This is also great for letting your kids use your phones. To do this, you can go to the biometrics and security option in the settings and click on the Pin windows option. This will make it so you have to use a PIN to get out of the application.

MyTek can help you keep your Android device security a priority, so reach out today at 623-312-2440 to learn more.

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