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Tip of the Week: How to Share Documents in Google Drive

Modern businesses need collaboration which is why so many applications are finding ways to introduce easier ways to collaborate. Today, we’re looking at how Google Drive has introduced collaborative tools that will help your business immensely.

Google Drive makes it easy to share files and work on them simultaneously. Here are a few ways that are provided:

Starting at My Drive, click any document and highlight it. Then click on the Share option in the toolbar on the right side of the page. This method of sharing can be done on Docs, Slides, Sheets and other Google Drive applications.

There will be two options: Share with people and share with groups.

The “Share with people and groups” Panel

Within this panel, you can decide who you would like to have access to your document and what type of access you would like to give them. You can also type out a message for the person you are sending it to. These are the types of access you can grant:

  • Editor­— An editor can make any change to the document, from the title to the content. Makes sure whoever you give this access to knows the power they. They can also give others access themselves.
  • Commenter— With commenter access, the person can make comments within the document but cannot make their own edits to it. This is best for someone who needs to leave feedback or suggestions.
  • Viewer— A viewer can only read through and see the document, they can not leave comments and they can not make any edits.

In the Share section, you can make changes and adjust these settings further. You can also set an expiration data to their access. You can also use the share panel to generate a link that is another way you can share your document. You can choose if anyone with the link can be an editor, commenter or viewer.

Which Documents Have Been Shared?

Drive makes it very easy to see which documents have been shared and which ones are not. There will be an icon next to the document that will show if it has been shared with anyone or not.

Now, hopefully you understand a little bit more about sharing within Google Drive, but if you have any questions, call MyTek today at 623-312-2440.

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