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Connectivity Issues Looking To Be Stopped By FCC

The Federal Communications Commission is Evaluating Mobile Broadband and Connectivity Issues

With so much of daily life done online, broadband internet access is critical. But, you have to realize that internet access is not accessible to everyone, even when it seems to be. The Federal Communications Commission is working on ways to fix this issue, but to do so they need data. They are asking that people install a speed test on their cell phones which will help increase the data they need.

Why Broadband Access Is So Important

Especially right now, internet access is necessary for so much. Such as online schooling, online doctor appointments like through telehealth, working from home and so much more. In area where broadband connectivity is not food, it makes it very different for individuals in that area to be able to participate in the daily acts of life.

This past year made it very hard for people without access which is part of the reason that the FCC is trying to bring back an application that was first launched in 2013, asking the public to help with data retrieval by downloading to their phones.

The FCC Speed Test will help the FCC see which areas have access and which ones need better service. The app is available for iOS and Android and tests your Wifi and cellular connection every 24 hours. The app only collects location, IP address, operating system, ISP and device type, and does not every collect personally identifiable data. One exciting aspect of the app is that you can complain about your internet speed, so they can be aware of issues you are having.

Learn more on the FCC FAQ page now.

Hopefully, internet service becomes more obtainable for more people and will help connectivity issues. In the meantime, MyTek is available to help with any connectivity issue you may be having. Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 for more information.

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