Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to Emulate Enterprise Tech Practices

Think of the main difference between a small/medium-sized business and an enterprise. It’s only the size. So, we’d like to let you in on a secret. All of the tools that large enterprises use can be taken advantage of by smaller businesses and have the same effects. Let’s take a look at some of these enterprise tech practices you can implement.

Cloud Solutions

While it may be a no-brainer for giant companies to use cloud solutions because of the vast amounts of data they need to hold, but this can also be used for smaller businesses. The cloud is super scalable and can be adjusted to fit the size your business needs. The cloud can help with storage, application delivery, and platform hosting. 

Wireless Upgrades

Wireless capabilities become increasingly important as time goes on, so many businesses are focusing on wireless connectivity. Connectivity is taken care of in many parts, like setting up access points, how the connection is delivered, and other concerns. Depending on the type of Wi-Fi you need, adjustments should be made to your Wi-Fi.

Network Security

Security is also something that becomes more important as time goes on. Security tools can be deployed through the cloud as well, and much like other cloud solutions, they can be scaled to perfectly fit your business. 

While some tools may seem out of reach for smaller companies, we assure you they are not. MyTek is here to help you implement these enterprise tech practices into your business so it is secure, easily usable and successful. Call today at 623-312-2444 so we can discuss the options that are right for your business.

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