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3 Reasons to Consider a Private Cloud Solution

The cloud is a very easy way for businesses to increase the accessibility of their data and the enhancement of their productivity. Especially when it comes to remote work, the cloud can be an asset for businesses. Even if you think private cloud solutions may not be the right fit for your business, we’re hoping to sway and surprise you with the benefits you may not be aware of.

In comparison to a standard cloud service, the private cloud is hosted and maintained by your own company, instead of a third-party service. Instead of the public cloud SMBs, you may be used to seeing, the private cloud has different advantages and benefits that might make it stand out.

More Flexibility

If you are taking advantage of a public cloud, there will be a lack of flexibility in terms of services that are rendered or offered. You will simply not have as much control over the cloud solution as you could otherwise. The private cloud options allow greater flexibility and allow customization until you have created the perfect cloud solution for your company. 

Greater Security

Once again, with limited control over a public space, you have less access to security solutions that will keep your data safe. This can be detrimental, because why would you want your data to become compromised? With a private cloud, you are in control of the software and hardware that is used to host your cloud and you can secure it in whatever way you deem necessary. 

Better Compliance

If you are using a public cloud service, it may be hard to get it to line up with the compliance guidelines that your organization has to follow. If your data is in instead on a private cloud, you can make sure all of the guidelines are being followed so you’re not breaking any laws or rules.

There Are No Excuses

You should definitely consider a private cloud solution for your company. If you’re not ready to manage a private cloud on your own, there are other options to help. MyTek can help you manage your private cloud, so your data is in your own hands. Call us at 623-312-2444 to learn more about private cloud solutions and how we can help.

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