Tip of the Week: 3 Ways to a Faster Boot Time

We know it can be insanely frustrating in the morning when you’re waiting for your computer to boot up. This is a waste of your precious time and we don’t want you to be sitting around waiting forever. So, here are three tips to speed up your Windows 10 boot time. 

(Check with your IT team before making these changes or have IT make the changes for you so that nothing goes wrong in the process)

Use Fast Start-up

Windows 10 is smart and knows about this issue, so they made a function that is intended to speed up your wait time while your system is booting up. This function is called Fast Start-up and the way it works is by saving your boot up information in a special file system so that it can make the startup time much quicker than before. This makes your system hover in between the sleep and turning off functions. 

To use this function, go to your computer’s Control Panel and click Power Options, which may need to be searched for. When you’ve arrived, click Choose what the power buttons do and select Turn on Fast Start-up. Save your changes, and then you’ll be good to go.

Edit Your Start-up Programs

When your computer is turning on, an assortment of other programs are opening and waking up as well. While this can be nice for specific programs you may need right away, others might be unnecessary and make your boot up time take longer than necessary. Adjusting what programs wake up when your computer is turned on can cut times that are being wasted on sources you don’t even need. 

To do this, you’ll need to go to the Task Manager by clicking Ctrl + Shift + Esc on your keyboard. Click the Start-up tab to see the list. This is where you can select and deselect applications you will want to turn on and others you may not want it to. This will be especially important to talk to your IT team about so that you are not disabling a program that is vital to your success.

Simple Hardware Updates

While it isn’t always the easier answer, hardware updates can help the boot up time immensely. One example is the use of a SSD drive, which can add speed by holding your Windows 10 installation. This, paired with some additional RAM may be all you need to have a speedy turn on every single time.

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