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IT Security Tip of the Week: 3 Considerations When Securing Personal Information

Personal information is very crucial in today’s digital world. Hence, it becomes vital to protect the precious data, especially if it concerns your business. 

We’ll navigate through a few ideas to help you better protect your data.

IT Security: Understand the Type of Data that You Have

First, you need to be aware of the type of data at your disposal and the level of of its enormity. 

Check out how your storage is set up and identify any specific protection you need for your data. Also, see if all the relevant data is stored. Understanding everything about your data allows you to reorganize your data storage strategy and update the document access rights.

Be clear about the business data that you obtain. Do you collect your customers’ financial details like credit card credentials? Or your employees’ information, including recent job applicants.

Once you know the type of data and its size, it’s easier to allocate sufficient security resources to protect it.

IT Security: Reduce the Size of Your Data

Once you have access to the data storage, look at its contents critically. Do you need everything for the operation, or are there alternatives for your data security?

For example, consider customer credit card information – unless you have a valid business reason to retain it, you should avoid storing it. If you keep this data for a long time, there is a greater possibility of a data breach.

Once you minimize the data storage, you should also limit the data access– even ensuring that different departments do not access unrelated data about multiple processes.

IT Security: Protect Your Data

Finally, you need to store and protect your data in the best possible format. Store sensitive files on designated devices with customized access controls to prevent unauthorized users from altering or viewing this data. The same principle applies to data in the hardcopy format.

If you face a worst-case scenario of a data storage breach, you need to have a mechanism to identify the threats and tackle them. Also, make sure that you have a robust risk management system in place.

MyTek can help you with data storage and protection, especially personal, sensitive data. To know more, reach out to our expert IT professionals at 623-312-2440.

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