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The Internet of Things Continues to Expand

The Internet of Things now is made up of over 15 billion different devices. This number includes business devices in an office setting and consumer devices in home environments. Because of this, you can’t ignore this phenomenon, whether its from a practical or security standpoint. We’re going to discuss the many different ways the Internet of Things devices are changing modern business practices.

A Brief Review of the IoT

Many IoT devices are those that might not typically need internet connection, like fitness devices or watches that send data to your phone. Another example is an Amazon Echo or smart home device that works through voice commands. Although these devices aren’t necessary, their convenience has made them more desirable and popular. These devices are projected to move the Internet of Things value to closer to $4-$11 trillion by 2025, with around 20.4 billion devices around the world by 2020.

Home Usage by Businesses

Since the IoT is most often associated with casual purposes and personal use, its also known for being insecure compared to other devices. Gartner reported that businesses are still using IoT devices anyway, and to a large degree. In 2017, it was estimated that 63% of Internet of Things devices were consumer owned, while the other 57% were owned by businesses.

This is because businesses and consumers often have similar wants, like the use of security cameras for homes and for offices. But this can also be false. Some IoT devices are too expensive for the average consumer, like IoT fitness equipment that a business such as a gym would use.

Barriers to Internet of Things devices

Before investing too much in implementing the IoT into your workplace, you should always make sure that these devices address actual needs. MyTek can help you take everything into consideration so you can better evaluate what devices are right for you and optimize your IT security. Get started today by calling 623-312-2440.

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