MyTek’s Wrap Up of the Biggest Security Breaches of 2019

These days, both SMBs and enterprises are prone to data breaches. That’s why cybersecurity is more important than ever before. Organizations brainstorm strategies to shield their customer and internal data from malware, hackers, and other security breaches. 

The problems rarely get resolved simply by installing cybersecurity software. We can help you with assessing the cybersecurity options available for your business to protect your business assets and data. 

We have tracked key data breaches of this year to understand why organizations are becoming victims more frequently. This blog touches upon a detailed list of the security breaches from September 2019.


5th September 2019

Providence Health Plan – Personal information of 122,000 members of the Providence Health Plan was exposed after a rogue party accessed the company’s data. Information like member names, email addresses, date of birth, house addresses, DoB, member ID numbers, social security numbers, and subscriber numbers were stolen.

Facebook – Facebook’s unprotected server that hosted over 419 million records was breached. Users’ Facebook user IDs and phone numbers were revealed. In certain cases, genders, names, and locations were also hacked.

16th September 2019

Dealer Leader, LLC. –  An unprotected server compromised the information of 198 million car buyers. The hacked information included names, phone numbers, email addresses, IPs, and home addresses.

27th September 2019

DoorDash – The leading food delivery app’s 4.9 million customers were at the receiving end of an information breach by an independent party. Information like customer names, phone numbers, delivery addresses, hashed passwords, the last four credit card digits, and order history was accessed. The same event also exposed over 100,000 delivery drivers’ license information. 

30th September 2019

Zynga – Zynga, the mobile game developer known for games like Words with Friends and Farmville reported 218 million players on their platform faced a data breach after a hacker accessed their network. The player names, login IDs, email addresses, Facebook IDs, and phone numbers were exposed.


17th October 2019

Methodist Hospitals of Indiana – Data breaches didn’t spare even the healthcare industry. The Methodist Hospitals of Indiana was a victim of an email phishing attack. Hackers stole 68,000 medical records, including names, date of birth, addresses, social security numbers, and driver’s licenses. 

21st October 2019

Autoclerk – Hotel property management company Autoclerk had its open database compromised, exposing sensitive data involving names, house addresses, DoB, phone numbers, travel costs, travel dates, and room numbers. In some cases, the credit card details of several guests were also hacked. 

22nd October 2019

Kalispell Regional Healthcare – Kalispell Regional Healthcare’s 130,000 Social Security numbers, numbers of medical records, addresses, medical histories, birth dates, information of treatment, and names of physicians were exploited by cybercriminals.

26th October 2019

Adobe – Adobe’s confidential files were breached that included usernames, email addresses, location, medical histories, licenses of Adobe products, and payment details. Around 7.5 million users were victims of this breach.

27th October 2019

Network Solutions – Network Solutions, the world’s oldest domain name provider was the victim of a hacking incident. Millions of individual data, including names, email addresses, house addresses, phone numbers, and other key information were leaked.


9th November 2019

Texas Health Resources – The healthcare provider had 82,000 records of patients leaked online. The breach included names, health status, addresses, email IDs, and more. 

16th November 2019

Magic the Gathering – Magic the Gathering is a famous online game that lost 452,000 player details, including player names, usernames, etc. 

18th November 2019

State of Louisiana – Louisiana was attacked by ransomware affecting various servers of the state agencies. Even Though no data was lost, the state’s vital computing infrastructure was non-functional for numerous days after which the system data was restored using backup.

It’s astonishing to think that the planet earth has only 7.7 billion people, yet, over 8 billion data records have already been leaked in the first few months of 2019!

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