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Software as a Service Solves the Software Licensing Issue for SMBs

Utilizing software can come with its fair share of frustrations, but all businesses require software of some sort to function. No business wants to deal with all of the big issues like how do you manage all of your licenses, and how can you even afford equipping every program you need? Thankfully, we have a solution that will help this issue and integrate the cloud to make this all so much easier: Software as a Service in Phoenix.

Software Licenses vs Software as a Service in Phoenix

Purchasing software upfront can be a pretty expensive operation, that includes fees and upgrades as time goes on. This can be wasteful when it comes to your IT budget, especially because most small businesses don’t have the funds to waste on these services for every employee they have.

If you don’t have the funds to buy every license for all of the software you are using, your business might feel inclined to use older and out of date software that could lead to an increased data risk. This is where Software as a Service comes in.

The Benefits of Software as a Service in Phoenix

When you are using a cloud-based version of an application, you are using a “software as a service” model. When this is done, you are always going to be using the most recent version of the program in question. There will never be a concern that the version of the application you are using is outdated or unsecure in any way. Instead of paying for new licenses, you can pay a monthly rate.

With monthly payments, they will be more affordable and smaller than up-front costs that are usually hand-in-hand with licensing. 

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