Agent Tesla Malware Is After Your Data (And Your Cryptocurrency)

Whether you are a larger-scale enterprise or a small locally-owned business, it does not matter. Network security will be equally important for both because all businesses need to protect their valuable information from hackers. Just like any valuable asset, your data needs to be on lockdown. There is a new threat that has arisen called Agent Tesla that is another important example of a phishing malware that is attempting to steal data from businesses just like yours. Here’s how to avoid Agent Tesla attacks.

Before we look at this specific threat, let’s go into what phishing attacks are and how you can protect your business from them in a general sense.

Phishing Attacks Explained

Hackers don’t often force themselves through your defenses, because that is simply not the best or easiest approach. Instead, many use phishing attacks which are calculated measures that are designed to mislead or trick users in order to gain unauthorized access to your data. Phishing attacks are usually initiated through the downloading of an infected file, or by clicking on a suspicious link in an email. Another way that attackers use phishing is by handing over credentials to someone you believe to be a higher-up or tech support.

Why It Matters

It really doesn’t matter how many security practices you have put into place, phishing attacks might still find their way in. These attacks can make it past some of the best security solutions, so you need your employees to be aware of them so they don’t fall into any traps.

Agent Tesla

Agent Tesla has been around since 2014 and it uses a keylogger to steal information from devices that have been infected. This data is transmitted back to the hacker throughout the day periodically. This information may be usernames and passwords, other data that is typed into the system, and more. There is a new variant of Agent Tesla that has recently gotten some traction after recently stealing cryptocurrency from a user.

This is exactly why we shared a little background on phishing attacks because Agent Tesla spreads through infected Excel email attachments. This was done by spreading an Excel sheet called “Order Requirements and Specs.” At first glance, it may seem like a legitimate file that needs to be open which makes it so dangerous. 

Something concerning about Agent Tesla is that it is pretty accessible to new hackers and comes at a relatively cheap price. 

What Can You Do?

Never put yourself in a position in which you have to react rather than prevent threats from the start. Let’s avoid Agent Tesla attacks together. The key to keeping your business secure is implementing quality network security solutions to catch threats before they catch you. MyTek can help you with this, so give us a call today at 623-312-2444 to learn more.

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