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Tip of the Week: Three Resolutions to Make Concerning Your Business’ Technology

Happy New Year! Every time a new year comes around, people write down their resolutions, in hopes they can make a change and better themselves. Businesses can also do the same! We encourage your team to look at these business new years resolutions to see how your team can benefit and change in 2022. 

“I Resolve to Put Security First.”

Cybersecurity is so important because threats are only becoming more and more abundant. Threats can also range from a tiny annoyance to a monumental breach that turns your business on its head. If you don’t prioritize your cybersecurity, your business could be in danger.

Luckily, there are some really simple ways to do this. First, implement and maintain some basic protections like antivirus, firewalls and other defenses. Second, ensure your team knows what they are going up against so they don’t fall into a trap like a phishing email or phone call. Third, your team needs to look at their actions to see how they could be putting your business at risk. Bets practices are easy to upkeep and monitor.

“I Resolve to Make the Most of My Technology.”

Think of your technology in two sets: the tech you use now and the tech you’ll use in the future. With the right mindset, your business can maximize both of these at the same time.

When thinking about your current IT solutions, having them is only part of using them to their full potential. Your team should be properly trained to use them to their full potential, especially when it comes to your core software and applications. For your future technology, you should be keeping an eye on the newest innovations to see what would benefit your team in the long run.

“I Resolve to Encourage My Team’s Collaboration.”

Collaboration is one of the biggest priorities in business. Applications have even been made to harbor this collaboration and make it easier. You’ll just need to encourage your team to do what they can to keep the communication flowing.

No matter what your priorities are this year, MyTek is here to offer any help we can when it comes to your IT. Need help with your business new years resolutions? Give us a call today at 623-312-2440 to learn more about this and other goals.

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